Thanks to you, the Schooling module is evolving

Published on April 18, 2022 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

You're the ones who use our solutions, so it's to you that we turn to gather your impressions and needs, with the aim of guiding the future development of our products.

Your opinion is important to us

With this in mind, we regularly take steps to Consult and obtain your feedbacksuch as user workshopsworkshops surveys surveys conducted by our User Helpdesk or project managers, or even surveys surveys. Because it's through your feedback on Practices that we improve and develop services.

To take things even further, two and a half years ago we set up the Skolengo Club. This club represents 2 Regions, 11 Counties and 6 territorial ENT projects, which have designated 13 business experts who meet once a month to exchange views on the various developments useful to your needs. These developments are then carried out thanks to co-financing by Club members and Kosmos, and delivered on an ongoing basis so that all users benefit from them.

évolutions vie scolaire skolengo
évolutions vie scolaire skolengo

Thanks to this enriching experience, a new circle of Users was set up at the beginning of the year, dedicated dedicated in particular to the evolutions to be implemented for Skolengo's flagship module: the Schooling / Schooling. This Schooling Expert Committee is made up of around ten School principals and administrators and CPE users of Skolengo and its Schooling module in different Regions. The aim is to consult them on a regular basis in order to gather their feedback on Practices and toprioritize needs with a view tocontinuous improvement of your digital workspace.

Constantly evolving since the start of the school year

To give you an idea of the latest developments and the topics we're working on, we're sharing our roadmap with you:

The latest developments in the Schooling module

*Details of new features preceded by an asterisk can be consulted in the Skolengo Academy online help

Future developments in the Schooling module
  • In progress
    ParcourSup: new ParcourSup export format and ParcourSup Services grouping management

  • Coming soon
    Schooling ULIS: improved management of ULIS and accommodations

    SMS: SMS validation: make SMS data more reliable, for example by checking the numbers entered by parents.

    Student record: print student absences by period or date from the Student record

    Statistics: a new
    new Statistics service has been integrated into the existing Schooling module. Its aim is to present key indicators to help CEs and CPEs with analysis and decision-making.

    Internships: A new internship management service is currently under development. The aim is to enable schools to maintain contact with their students and their company base. This service contributes to the multi-year administrative follow-up (internship offer, agreement, Confirmation) and pedagogical follow-up of all types of internships (company discovery, PFMP...).

  • Next year
    Foreign Schools: School-specific Skills Repositories

  • We're thinking about it
    Schooling: add filters for School Dashboard periods
    Grading: changes to the management of Skills Repositories (in particular for the management of certifying repositories)

We'll keep you informed

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