[New] PAI and PAP documents available on Student record

Published on March 29, 2023 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

It is now possible to add each student's individual home plan (PAI) and/or personalized support plan (PAP) to their ENT Student record, if they have one.

Parents, the AESH, the student's teachers or School staff will see the PAI and PAP documents directly on the Student record. However, other students in the Class will not see the PAI and PAP documents for the Student concerned.

Individual Home Plan (PAI)

A PAI is a document that describes a person's specific needs, as certified by a doctor. It is often used in educational settings, such as primary schools, secondary schools and higher education establishments, to help students with special needs receive adequate support.

The main aim of an Individual Home Plan is to enable the individual to benefit from personalized support that will enable them to participate fully in their learning environment and maximize their potential.

Depending on therapeutic needs, the PAI will contain information on the following points in particular:

  • Diets to be applied ;
  • Meal intake conditions ;
  • Drug Settings ;
  • Schedule adjustments ;
  • Exemption from certain activities incompatible with the child's or teenager's health;
  • Suggested alternative activities.

Personalized support plan (PAP)

A PAP is a document that describes a Student's specific learning needs and objectives, as well as the teaching strategies and adaptations required to meet these needs. It is often used in schools to help students with learning difficulties or special needs receive support tailored to their needs.

Skolengo certifié Qualiopi

If your Child suffers from one or more learning difficulties, a PAP will enable him or her to benefit from teaching adaptations and accommodations:

  • Outside help during school hours (speech therapist, psychologist, etc.);
  • Follow-up throughout schooling;
  • Adaptations to make learning more accessible (lighter schoolwork, course handouts, audio recordings, test arrangements, etc.).