Skolengo Academy

Access multimedia documentary resources and content in authenticated mode

Skolengo Academy, the community of Skolengo users, offers multimedia content and resources created by and for users. Intended for all users (management staff, administrative and financial, schooling staff, teachers, families, etc.), Skolengo Academy provides access to a multitude of content and videos to assist users in familiarizing themselves with  Skolengo or getting a deeper understanding of how to use it. Skolengo Academy serves a community of more than 5 million users.

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Profiled and adapted resources (from nursery school to higher education)

  • On-line help,
  • Downloadable guides,
  • Tutorials,
  • Webinars...
You can view and access only the content which concerns you and according to your availability.


Learn about new features of Skolengo

You will be alerted about the latest developments and new products as well as tips for use, offered by the community.

Training throughout the year on-site and in a virtual class

  • Choose your programme in our training catalogue
  • Opt for specific training on a theme relative to your school


Become a player in the community!

Share your own resources (tutorials, videos, experiences, etc.),
Co-host webinars to offer innovative ways of using Skolengo,
Offer us new topics for webinars and tutorials,
Contribute to the development of the community website via the ideas box.

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