What is an EMS? Who is Skolengo for?
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What is an EMS?

The Skolengo e-education platform, or EMS (Education Management Software), goes beyond the classic ENT (Workspace). A market leader, our solution has been enriched by the addition of new Services, includingSchool management services (administration and finance, catering(It aims to optimize all aspects of the operation of educational and training establishments.

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What are the differences between ENT and EMS?

According to Eduscol, "A digital workspace (ENT) is an educational Internet portal that gives every member of the educational community of a school access, via a single, secure point of entry, to a range of digital services related to their activities".tablissement, to access, via a single, secure point of entry, a range of digital Services related to their activities".
ENT (Environnement Numérique de Travail) and EMS (Education Management Software) are terms used to define software solutions that use digital technology to simplify and support your day-to-day tasks.
Our Skolengo EMS goes beyond a classic ENT by integrating School management Services.

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What is Skolengo?

Discover who we are and why the Skolengo solution solution adapts to the needs of every School.

Who is Skolengo for?

Skolengo is aimed at all members of the Educational community, from the primary education, secondary, higher education and vocational vocational and continuing training in all sectors. Our platform features an interface adapted to each teaching level (1D/2D/Sup/Forpro).

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Can I choose to activate only certain modules?

Our solution is entirely modularOur solution is entirely modular, even if certain modules are unavoidable for the coherent operation of your School. Our modules can be activated according to your real needs, and depending on the size, sector and teaching level of your School.

How does Skolengo simplify day-to-day School life?

Skolengo's aim is to simplify School life by offering a SaaS SaaSsolution, intuitive and ergonomic, accessible on all screens by the entire Educational community. Global and modularour all-in-one solution is customizable and interoperable services (EDT, Moodle...). Our platform ensures teaching and administrative continuity from primary to post-baccalaureate level, with interfaces adapted to each level.
Skolengo simplifies School information systems and frees you from day-to-day technical constraints. By benefiting from a single supplier and a single maintenance and support contract, the School or institution managing School networks makes real savings on operating costs. By freeing itself from technical constraints, the School can concentrate on its core missions.

How do I install Skolengo in my School?

Skolengo is a platform accessible in SaaS mode. No need to install it, it's accessible via your browser, with a simple url link.

How to discover the Skolengo solution?
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What is Skolengo Academy - online help?
Skolengo Academy is the online help portal accessible only to our Users. It's a mine of information and support documents in all formats, accessible 24 hours a day. Users can find user guides, Webinars, video tutorials, infographics... All content is displayed according to the user's Profile, and thus corresponds to the user's business needs.

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How can I keep up to date with the latest Skolengo news?

There are a number of ways!
You can subscribe to Skolengo's quarterly newsletter, and receive information directly to your inbox about new features for your ENT-EMS. You can even choose the topics that interest you most.

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Finally, you can log on to your Skolengo Academy online help portal to find out about the developments carried out by the Skolengo Club as well as future our teams are working on..

How do I order SMS?

To communicate effectively with your Student's parents while taking advantage of the interconnection with your ENT's Other services, order your SMS messages.

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What does Qualiopi certification mean for training courses?

Qualiopi certification guarantees enhanced quality for training courses delivered by organizations involved in Skills development. It also means that participants in these training courses are eligible for various forms of financial support for vocational training, from public or mutual funds.

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