Why choose Skolengo?

A modular, scalable solution

With its modular approachSkolengo adapts to the specific needs of each School.

Choose the optional modules and services that suit your needs Communication, Collaboration, Teaching, Schooling, Timetable, Administration & Finance, Catering, Educational counselling, Videoconference... Our teams will integrate them into your existing information system.

You can also activate all modules to benefit from the power of "all-in-one and thus facilitate your day-to-day day-to-day use.

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plateforme full web skolengo
plateforme full web skolengo

A SaaS and full web platform

Skolengo meets all the needs of an educational School. Via a single platform, Skolengo centralizes all the business Services required for the overall operation of a School, enabling you to make and operating costs..

Quick to set up, there's no need to install any software at the School. A simple url link is all you need to access the solution. Work at your School or remotely remotely whenever you like.

Our team takes care of all technical operations data recovery, integration into your information system, backups, hosting...

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A mobile application dedicated to all Students, Parents and Teachers

Download the Skolengo application now to access your ENT space.

It enables parents and students to direct access to essential information such as theTimetabletimetable Assignment(s) homework gradesand newslettersSchool news or communicate with teachers.

Teachers can Consult their own Timetablethe contents of the Organiser textbookfind out Pieces of work sent to students and access the School's Mailbox to reply to a message.

The Schooling software Skolengo allows Teachers to use the Mobile application toDo the register for Attendance registers simply from their smartphone and indicate which students are absent or notify a to the infirmary.

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interopérabilité skolengo
interopérabilité skolengo

Interoperability & advanced integration with your information system

Skolengo integrates easily with your information system, thanks to an extensive catalog of business connectors and strong integration capabilities. Relying oninteroperability standards (CAS, SAML...), our team carries out advanced advanced integrationwith any third-party tool, ensuring perfect functional complementarity between solutions.

Users can access the Skolengo platform, via a single account and without re-authenticationto all their services, whether native or external, in a totally transparent way.

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Personal data security

Skolengo is hosted in France in an ISO 27001-certified datacenter.

Data protection is therefore governed by European law (RGPD) guaranteeing you a high level of security.

Robust and secure, Skolengo is regularly regularly audited by a third-party PASSI by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI).

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securité skolengo
securité skolengo

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