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Skolengo meets all the needs of an educational School. Via a single platform, Skolengo centralizes all the business Services required for the overall operation of a School, enabling you to makeand operating costs..

Quick to set up, there's no need to install any software at the School. A simple url link is all you need to access the solution. Work at your School or remotelyremotelywhenever you like.

Our team takes care of all technical operationsdata recovery, integration into your information system, backups, hosting...

One-stop solution

Remote access

Carry out your missions without technical constraints

Reduce your operating costs

Skolengo meets all the needs of an educational or training School. By adopting a single solutionyou simplify your information system and pay only onea single Subscription.
The maintenanceand version upgrades areincluded by our technical teams.

For organizations running School networksSkolengo enables them to achieve economies of scale.

Programming a demo

Rapid deployment and easy access

Our technical team takes care of everything, fromdata transfer, integration into Skolengo integration and hosting in an ISO 27001-certified datacenter based in France, guaranteeing you a high level of security.

To access the platform simple url linklink. Users connect to Skolengo via their browser to take advantage of all business services.

By centralizing all services in a single application, Skolengo enables School staff and the Educational community to work in synergy: the data entered or modified are available in real time and accessible on all screens.

Free yourself from technical constraints

In addition to deployment, integration and data hosting, our teamalso handles all day-to-day technical operations, such as maintenance maintenance, updates and automatic back-ups to guarantee you continuous access to the best software version.

And to ensure you always enjoy the best User experience, Skolengo evolves regularly in response to user feedback.

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