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Free yourself from technical constraints

Benefit froma single supplierand a singlemaintenance and support contractBy freeing themselves from technical constraints, schools can concentrate on their core business.

An international support center

Our technical and business experts are the guarantors of our service quality. We maintain Skolengo in operational condition 24/7/365, with an availability rate of 99.8%. Our highly-qualified, multilingual business advisors are specialists in educational issues. They will provide you with comprehensive and efficient support on a daily basis.

Access for everyone, everywhere

Skolengo integrates tools such as an audio recorder and content vocalization to facilitate access for audiences with special needs. Our platform has been designed to adapt to users who have difficulty perceiving colors or contrasts.

Skolengo is accessible on all screens and via a dedicated Mobile application.

Services de l'ENT Skolengo
Services de l'ENT Skolengo

Services de l'ENT Skolengo


Skolengo integrates with your School's information system, thanks to a catalog of business connectors and strong integration capabilities.Skolengo's integration capabilities are based on technical standards for interoperability with any third-party tool, ensuring perfect functional complementarity between solutions.

Services de l'ENT Skolengo

Identity Federation

Skolengo can act as an identity provider, or integrate with existing identity providers in your information system based on an LDAP or Active directory.

Services de l'ENT Skolengo

Single sign-on

Skolengo's single sign-on system enables users to access third-party applications without re-authenticating (SSO, CAS, SAML, OpenIdConnect).

Services de l'ENT Skolengo

Personal data protection

We host data in France in an ISO 27001 datacenter. Skolengo complies with the RGPD and the recommendations of the French Ministry of Education. Robust and secure, our solution is regularly audited by a third party certified PASSI by ANSSI.

Skolengo integrates with your information system

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