What is Education Management Software or EMS?

EMS Skolengo or Education Management Software is a school management software suite that supports the School in all its missions.

With its integrated Services communication, teaching, administrative and financial management services, EMS not only enablesSchool not only to increase efficiencybut also to simplify its information system by offering the Educational community a unique 100% web-based, scalable solution.

Who is Skolengo EMS designed for?

  1. The entire Educational community Student database: pupils and students, legal guardians, school staff (management, teachers, school life team, administrative and financial team, etc.),
  2. All levels From kindergarten to higher education, vocational training and continuing education,
  3. All sectors State schools, privateagricultural, technical and vocational.

Additional services

  • Full web deployment
  • Data hosting in France
  • Online help Online help: articles, video tutorials, Webinars...
  • User support
  • Free demo
  • Mobile application

EMS: integrated services to simplify school management

  • School website
  • SMS
  • Mailbox
  • Forms
  • Targeted communication
  • Videoconference
  • Blog, Chat, Forum
  • Office software online
  • Shared folders
  • Class space
  • Digital Organiser
  • Activity Studio
  • Teaching binder
  • Virtual class
  • Work to do
  • Absence(s) management
  • Grading
  • Class councils
  • Timetable design
  • Individual Timetables
  • Registrations
  • Billing
  • Online payment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Canteen management

Modular, interoperable and secure software

Skolengo's Education Management Software is totally modular, enabling it to be tailored to the needs of each School. You can benefit from a single, fully integrated solution and reduce the number of applications and associated User accounts, or activate only the modules you want.

Skolengo also interconnects with the main business business connectors connectors such as Moodle, Pronote, EDT, UDT, Gabriel, Onde, GAR, Yparéo, Aurion, Apogée, Office 365...

The secure access thanks to identity federation and single sign-on systems. Skolengo isRGPD compliant.

The audio recorder is very useful for students with special educational needs, such as dyslexic students, for whom the written word presents a real obstacle.Aniella LEBEAUEnglish Teacher at Louis de Broglie Secondary school in Meuse, France.
The Schooling module is very easy to use and very interactive. At a glance, the Dashboard lets me know if a Student has been absent before, the Reason(s) and if he or she has returned. With a single click, I can notify the family of any absences. Florent HASSLERSchool Principal at collège Notre-Dame-des-collines in the Loire department

ENT vs EMS: what are the differences?

Functional scope

In addition to the communication, collaboration, Teaching and Schooling services offered by a traditional ENT, EMS offers Other advanced services such as a CMS that lets you create a public website for your School, a videoconferencing Videoconference system for organizing meetings or Virtual classes, for example. EMS can also be used to support a facility's School management tasks, such as invoicing such as billing, online registration, online payment, canteen/self-catering/coffee shop and extra-curricular activities.

The Users

ENT was initially launched as part of the Ministry of Education's digital education policy, aimed at the Educational community in schools (Secondary schools and High schools). Deployment is now being extended to the primary school as part of the stimulus plan. Unlike ENT, which is aimed at the primary and secondary school sectors, EMS is aimed at the entire Educational community, from kindergarten to post-bac, including vocational and continuing training. By adapting its interfaces to the level of education, EMS offers teaching and administrative continuity within a school group or across a territory.


Schools at all levels and in all sectors can either benefit from an integrated global solution, or choose to activate the modules they need. Interoperable with the main connectors on the primary, secondary, higher education and continuing education markets, EMS is finely tuned to each school.