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Why choose Skolengo Schooling management software?

outil efficient
outil efficient

Efficient software

A different way of working, an answer to all your needs

sans frais
sans frais

At no extra charge*.

Reduce your operating costs by using a module already included in your digital space


Personalized support

We support you at key moments in the school year: back to school, Class councils, Parcoursup exports, LSU and LSL.

outils supplémentaires
outils supplémentaires

Complementary modules included

Take advantage of our Timetable design and management software and our new Mobile application.
If you already use the Skolengo digital space, you can use the integrated Schooling software to manage your Schooling and benefit from numerous advantages: easy access (a single login), optimal compatibility and data self-feeding with the other modules of your ENT, Premium telephone support and, above all, no additional costs for your School (* For public and private Schools using Skolengo as part of an ENT project financed by their Local authority).
If this doesn't apply to you, ask for a quote.

Follow a demonstration of the Vie software already included in your ENT, then test it for yourself. Then decide whether you want to use it next term.

Features of Skolengo Schooling management software


Absence(s) management is a central issue in the life of a School. Using software that simplifies itis enough to make all the difference in the day-to-day work of teaching, management and school life teams.

The Absence(s) management service in Skolengo's Schooling software is different from what you may already be familiar with, but it's sure to meet all your school's needs. but it's sure to meet all your school's needs..

It is based on 3 interconnected tools torecord and distribute Schooling information to the relevant staff, in real time. This facilitates collaboration teams within the school, enabling them to quickly obtain precise precise indicatorsand gives them the control needed to make the right the right decisions in time for the benefit of the Students.

If you have theSchooling softwareSkolengo software, your School's Teachers can very simply Do the register for Attendance registers from their smartphone using the Skolengo mobile application. They can then indicate at any time which Students absent or notify a departure to the infirmary.

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Tableau de bord scolarité
Tableau de bord scolarité

School principal: Schooling Dashboard view

relevé de compétences
relevé de compétences

Teaching team view: allows you to monitor the learning progress of each Student


This Schooling management software service is designed for teachers, administrators, school life teams and families.

It enables you to enter and Consult Grades and/or Skills grades and/or skills, as well as Assessmentscreate and Consult Assignment(s)prepare and lead Class councils andexport export school report data (LSU and LSL) and Parcoursup.

You'll also benefit from our dedicated hotline throughout the year, and especially at key moments in the school year.

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Class councils

Skolengo's Class councils service enables the most detailed the finest settings for prepare and plan your Class councils. It's a collaborative tool that includes all the teams concerned, so that they can contribute, in turn, to the Class councils preparation process.
Bonus: theanimation featuresfeatures: full-screen projection, dynamic controldynamic control results of each Student's results and progressas well as all relevant Schooling events.

When used in conjunction with the Schooling software, this service feeds itself with students' grades and/or Skills, and provides a clear overview of previous years' academic results.

Skolengo's Class councils provide an incomparable dynamism to your Class councils, as well as an additional additional insight to the Teaching team, facilitating collegialcollegial decision-making.

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Conseil de classe
Conseil de classe

Synthetic representation of Student results by period

Fiche élève
Fiche élève
Detail of a Student record from the overview of all students

Student records

A real asset of Skolengo's Schooling software, Student records are an indispensable essential tool for to help manage of all the unforeseen events that punctuate Schooling life.

These Records are accessible without the Schooling module. However, when you use the Schooling management software, the Student records are enriched with Schooling data and take on their full meaning. They enable you to bring together, in one place, all the information information relating to an entire classor a selection of Students or a specific a specific Student information on the Student, his or her Schooling and all related events, and a host of direct action direct action buttons to simplify your life, and access to a comments section to help you monitor your Students more efficiently.

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School Principals and Teachers in Secondary schools, or DDFPTs (Directeurs Délégués aux Formations Professionnelles et Technologiques) in High schools, can plan and Internships directly in Skolengo. directly in Skolengo, making it easier and more simpler, more reliable follow-up.

You'll have all your current, past and future Internships at your fingertips, as well as a directory of companies and all your Internship Agreement templates, so you can manage your Internships more easily. simplified management management of internships and optimum teaching support..

> Stay in touch with your students on Internships with our Videoconference tool

Gestion des stages avec Skolengo
Gestion des stages avec Skolengo

Summary of Internships campaigns

carnet de liaison skolengo
carnet de liaison skolengo

Teaching team: view of the Student's Home liaison diary

Home liaison diary

Like the paper Home liaison diary, the digital Home liaison diary enables you to keep in touch and School and families.

The School can circulate information and find out whether it has been read by legal guardians. The latter can send a acknowledgement and respond directly with a yes or no answer to a question asked by the School.

This tool is suitable for Primary schools and secondary schools alike. secondary schools.

A complete schooling package for Schooling users

At using Skolengo's Schooling management software you'll have access, at no extra cost*, to a comprehensive complete package of Services:
emploi du temps
emploi du temps

application mobile
application mobile

Mobile application
assistance premium
assistance premium


The Schooling management software gives you access to :

  • to Skolengo Timetable design and management software
  • the Skolengo Mobile application
  • Allo Skolengo: a direct telephone line available non-stop on working days and during school vacations
* For public and private Schools using Skolengo as part of an ENT project funded by their Local authority(ies). Not in this category? >> Request a quote.

View a demonstration of the Schooling management software already included in your ENT, and then test it yourself. Then decide whether you want to use it next term.

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