Student records

Skolengo's Schooling module is unique in that it offers a very useful tool that will quickly become indispensable to CPEs, School principals and teachers: Student records.

Student records can be accessed by schools using the Skolengo ENT, even if they don't have the Schooling module. However, the interest and functionalities of Student records are increased tenfold when combined with the Skolengo Schooling module.

Discover all the latest features of the Student record on video.

Fiche élève
Fiche élève
Detail of a Student record from the overview of all students
Student records enable you to keep all the information about a student in one single place all the information relating to a Studentand make it available to the CPE, teachers and School principal, to ensure efficient Attendance Report and Schooling follow-up. of students. It also offers features for communicate quickly with parents.

Via the Student records, you'll have access to :
  • an overview of all Students in the Class ("Student records for a class ")
  • a detailed view of each Student ("Student record ")

Student records for a Class

The overview of all the students in a Class offers, among other features, the possibility of downloading the Student records you select for printing.


Import in 1 click all the photos of the Students in a class or group, or just those you've selected.. Each student's photo will then appear on his or her record.
School staff and members of the Teaching team can download the trombinoscope and print it if required.

How to create a trombinoscope in 2 steps?=> See the tutorial
trombinoscope classe élèves
trombinoscope classe élèves

Download the PDF of the trombinoscope

SMS resp
SMS resp

Send SMS to legal guardians from the Student record

SMS to legal guardians

The CPE, the School principal and his/her deputy, (and any other person entitled to do so), may send SMS messages* to the parents of several students at the same time, from the Student records of a class. Simply select the Students concerned, or the whole Class, as required. If not all parents have entered their telephone number or agreed to receive SMS messages, the message will be automatically relayed to them via the ENT mailbox.
*ÀPlease note that SMS messages can only be sent if the School has SMS credit. To order SMS, click here

Student record

The Student record provides direct access to essential information and action buttons to help you manage Schooling events smoothly and efficiently.

General information about the Student

  • Complete Student information Surname, first name, Class, age, date of birth (data automatically retrieved via AAF, siècle or SAPIA), photo, Form teacher, home group, diet, support arrangements.
  • Contact details for legal guardiansand possibility of contacting them directly (by Mailbox or SMS*).
  • information on the AESH or Teaching tutor attached to the Student
    In 1 click on the record, you can associate the student's AESH or educational tutor, and the CPE or teacher can contact them directly.
How to declare an AESH on Skolengo?=> See the tutorial
Features available for CPEs, Teachers and School principals

diche élève
diche élève

Student record presentation

action par CE
action par CE

Actions that School principals, Vice principals and Form teachers can take from the Student record

CPE actions fiches
CPE actions fiches

Actions that can be carried out by the CPE from the Student record

Direct action buttons to simplify your life

Several actions can be performed directly from the Student record.

  • Give a disciplinary measure, add an observation, download the record (with or without information from legal guardians) => School principals and Form teachers,
  • Issue a sanction => School principal only,
  • Report an absence, lateness or departure, add a dispensation => CPE
  • Contact the Student's parents, either by e-mail or SMS, to inform them of an absence, for example. => CPE or CE

*ÀPlease note that SMS messages can only be sent if the School has SMS credit. To order SMS, click here

Direct access to Student Schooling information

Access to the Student's Timetable, overlaid with Attendance Report information (Absence(s), Disciplinary measures, exemptions, lateness(es), departures and observations), for :
  • A quick check, on a calendar view, of his attendance and access to his Absences, Lateness(es), Dispensations, Disciplinary measures... files.
  • Add observations, absences, lateness(es), departures or detentions directly.

This schedule is automatically updated with data from other Schooling Services.

Via the "results" tab, Consult all Grade and Skills summaries and report cards by period, as well as the history of previous years. The "communication" tab allows you to view the history of all SMS messages sent during the year to Student parents.

Functionality available to the CPE and his team


Timetable tab on a Student record

Schooling tab on a Student record
Complete summary of the Student's Schooling. with :
  • All the events in the Student's Schooling life (Absence(s), Lateness(es), Disciplinary measures, Exemptions and Observation), for one term or the whole year,
  • Folders for each event to find out the Reason(s) and whether they are justified,
  • The various subjects in which the Student is absent or late, the most common reasons for absence, lateness, sanctions and observations, and their number.
  • All Schooling events are broken down by day of the week over a given period, enabling the identification of cases of absenteeism.
  • A global view of SMS sent over the selected period.

Functionality available for CPE

Comments, a powerful tool for sharing crucial information with your School

This tab lets you enter important information about a student and make it available to teachers, CPEs or any other School personnel (defined by the School principal).
For greater readability, the comments entered are classified into four categories:
  • Health
  • Teaching
  • Family
  • Education

An essential tool for keeping track of students and life at School!


Visible to the School principal, adjustable afterwards

To manage Absence(s), I use the Attendance Dashboard. I also use the Student record, which offers a number of interesting filters for tracking student attendance, such as level, Class, Subject, Teacher, day of attendance register and so on. Knowing whether absences always occur on the same day or for the same course is an important source of information for tracking and analyzing a Student's absences.

Sandrine Ducreux, CPE at Michel de Montaigne Secondary school (42)=> Read the testimonial

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