Testimonial: How do I manage Absence(s) with Skolengo's Schooling software?


Published on November 15, 2022 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Sandrine Ducreux, CPE at Michel de Montaigne Secondary school (42), gives us her feedback on her daily use of Skolengo's Schooling management software. Find out how this tool enables her to effectively monitor Student Attendance Report.

Which features of Schooling software do you use the most? How do they make your day-to-day work easier?

I mainly use the Schooling Dashboard, the Student records and the attendance dashboard of theSchooling software.. These are essential tools for monitoring Student attendance both on a daily basis and throughout the year. They are also very useful tools for Class councils.

As the Secondary school is responsible for its students from the moment they enter the school until the end of classes, these functions make it easier for me to manage and monitor Attendance registers and Absences files.
témoignage de sandrine ducreux, CPE
témoignage de sandrine ducreux, CPE
CPE view of the Schooling Dashboard

On a day-to-day basis, the Schooling Dashboard provides me with a overview of student Absence(s). of Student absences. To manage Absence(s), I use the Attendance Dashboard. Drop-out alertsallow me to see at a glance if a Student has been absent for at least 4 half-days without justification during the month. This enables me to take the necessary measures for these Students as quickly as possible. I also make use of the Student record, which offers a number of interesting filters for tracking student attendance such as level, class, subject, teacher, day of Attendance register, etc. Knowing whether absences always take place on the same day or for the same Course(s) is an important source of information for tracking and analyzing Student Absence(s). The Subject and day filters did not exist in the tool I was using previously. These elements can help me to understand the reasons for repeated Absence(s) such as regular absences from the same Subject.

scolarité-fiche élève Skolengo
scolarité-fiche élève Skolengo

Detailed attendance information on the Student record
Class councils view the student's attendance record for the first two terms.
When it comes to Class councilsthe Schooling module provides me with a comprehensive a comprehensive table on a Student's Attendance Report over a period of time.. I find all the information on the Student: absences, latenesses or exemptions by Subject, dates and durations of absences/latenesses/exemptions, teachers, as well as the status of his or her attendance file (justified or unjustified absences or latenesses). This comprehensive summary of data provided by the school software is very useful for Class councils.. It helps you to understand a Student's situation, and to react quickly and effectively if he or she is in difficulty.

Do you communicate with parents via SMS?

It's a service we use regularly. On a daily basissending SMS is a real time-saver for our Schooling teams, and saves the school savings for the School.. Today, all parents have a telephone. Sending messages by SMS guarantees that the information is actually transmitted to parents, unlike an e-mail on the ENT mailbox, which may not be read.

Our Secondary school mainly uses SMS text messaging with the Schooling software to notify parents of a teacher's absence, but also to warn of unforeseen events. In this wayinformation is given in real time so that parents can get organized as quickly as possible.

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Sending SMS messages to legal guardians from the Schooling Dashboard

How did you get to grips with the Skolengo Schooling software?

We got to grips with the tool gradually because of the many functions it offers. It's a different from the one I was used to using at my previous in my previous School. I didn't take the trouble to ask for support from Skolengo's support team or to consult the online help. I was accompanied by the School Principal, who was already familiar with this Schooling software, to discover its functionalities. It wasn't until I received a Skolengo newsletternewsletter that I discovered the existence of Skolengo AcademySkolengo's online help. I was seduced in particular by the video tutorials which give a very clear explanation of how the Schooling tools work.. In fact, I've forwarded this newsletter directly to the new supervisors, so that they can use the many online help tools to learn how to use the various services.

If I'd discovered all the help tools available on Skolengo Academy beforehand, I'd have been able to get to grips with this Schooling management software much more easily and quickly. It would have been quicker and easier.
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