Skolengo's Top 15 new products for the 2021-2022 school year

Published on June 20, 2022 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Throughout this school year, Skolengo's teams have been developing new functionalities in the Schooling, Teaching, Communication and Administrative & Finance modules, in response to user feedback, to optimize the platform and provide you with the best possible support in carrying out your missions.

Schooling module: Optimization of Student record, SMS communication and Gradings

3 new highlights for the Student record

  • School staff are able to switch from one Student to another in one click from the Class / Group when consulting a Student record.
  • Students' supervisors can now be contacted directly from the Student record, viaSMSor, alternatively, via the ENT Mailbox. The School can also send mass SMS messages.
  • The Student record offers the possibility of management of AESHor Teaching tutor. A Student can be associatedassociated with one or more AESH or teaching tutors in the Student record.. The AESH therefore has access to the Student record, the Work to do, the Grading binder, the Teaching binder...

Gestion AESH fiche élève
Gestion AESH fiche élève

Trombinoscope service scolarité
Trombinoscope service scolarité

Creating a trombinoscope

Teachers, School staff and Teaching teams can import, download and printquickly and easily import, download and print all Student photos for a class or group of students.

New Gradebook tab for Grading by Skills

Teachers can nowGrade their students by competency by skill directly in the Skolengo solution, in the Grading duty "livret scolaire" tab. All Skills can be exported to the LSL.

Punishment templates: notify guardians directly via SMS

In the "Disciplinary measures" service, you can manage punishment templates, from which Schools can notify the legal guardians of students who have been punished, either individually or en masse.

Teaching Module: Focus on Work to do and Organiser

Work to do after distribution of Corrected assignments

A Teacher has the option of granting a Work to do after the due date after the due date and after distribution of the Common corrected assignment. For example, if the teacher uses self-correction as a learning tool, then he/she accepts the submission of work after the distribution of the answers.

3 ways to hand in work to do

The Teacher can allow Students to deliver their work in a variety of ways writing a text, adding one or more Attached document(s) or a recording.

Workload visualization

Skolengo enables teachers to Consult their Workload so as not to overload students with Assignment(s).

A new look for the Organiser

The Organiser textbook becomes more intuitive and easier to read for students, teachers and Administrative staff.
  • Each subject has its own color to make it easier to find its place in the Timetable.
  • All key course information at a glance: Work to do, class timetable, etc.
  • Teachers can choose whether or not to display content before the Lesson.
  • etc.

Communication module: enriching content on targeted communication

It is now possible to add Attached document(s) and an illustration to your Targeted communication to bring a complete message to the Educational community. Your document can come from your Portfolio or from your computer.

Did you know ? Skolengo offersSMS packsfor quick and easy communication with parents throughout the year.

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Administration and finance module: optimizing registration and financial management

relancer par mail les parents - réinscriptions skolengo gestion
relancer par mail les parents - réinscriptions skolengo gestion

Re-enrolments: legal guardians to be contacted by e-mail

Skolengo offers a feature for e-mail remindersparents who have not confirmed their Child's re-registration or paid their Schooling fees.

Financial management: Changing payment due dates

Once an invoice has been issued, it is possible to add new new due dates to those initially created.
The School can choose the number of instalments and the payment period (which can be spread over several months or years).

Closer links between Registration and Finance Services

Skolengo enables invoicingin April/May for the following year.

VAT management

In the parameters, you can configure different VAT rates for billing purposes.

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