[New] 3 types of work to do submission

Published on December 30, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Discover the different discount options available to Teachers for their Students.

A Teacher can now allow Students to Deliver their work in a variety of ways:

  • A text ;
  • One or more Attached document(s);
  • An audio recording.

All three types of cumulative Reply are available. The Teacher can choose the "compulsory" or "optional" option for each type of delivery, and will then be able to Consult all the work delivered by the Student, regardless of the type(s) of delivery.

3 remises de travail à faire
3 remises de travail à faire

Students are are informed of the type(s) of delivery required to deliver their work to the Teacher. They can add other documents to complete their work, using other optional delivery modes.
Parents can are able to Consult the work delivered by their Child, regardless of the type(s) of delivery.

To find out more about the different discount combinations, go to Skolengo Academy.