[New] The Organiser is evolving

Published on January 6, 2023 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

The Organiser has a new, more intuitive look for students, teachers and administrative staff.

The right color for every Subject

From now on, each School can define the Timetable colors according to each Subject in the Students' Organiser.

At a glance, students can find their next English or math Course(s).

Cahier de texte Skolengo
Cahier de texte Skolengo
cahier de textes refonte skolengo
cahier de textes refonte skolengo

Optimized navigation for Users

All key Course(s) info at a glance

By clicking on the Course(s), students and teachers can view both the Work to do for that course in a new side window, and their Timetable. One click is all it takes to navigate from one Course(s) to the next. Teachers can choose whether or not to display content before the Lesson.

New pictograms for better organization

Pictograms help Students to see immediately in their Organiser if they have any work to do: in this case, the "T" pictogram is displayed at the bottom right of the course. They can also see if the course content is available with the "paragraph" pictogram, and if there is any work to do following the Lesson, the "clock" pictogram is displayed (see image below).

Deliver onSkolengo Academyto find out more about this development.

Pictogrammes d'une séance de cours affichés dans le cahier de textes Skolengo
Pictogrammes d'une séance de cours affichés dans le cahier de textes Skolengo

A time-saving side panel

Teachers can now modify their Course(s) content and Work to do directly from the Organiser calendar view.

In fact, a side panel appears when a Course(s) is selected, allowing the teacher to, for example :
  • change the exercise title,
  • add or delete an image or document,
  • change the work to do after the Lesson,
  • and much more ...

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