The Riyadh International French School

Conduct teaching and administrative missions with a single system in SaaS mode.

The International French School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is part of the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad [AEFE].

The teaching level goes from pre-school to high-school. Each year, the school welcomes about 1,200 students.

Stated needs

The school wished to federate all school staff in a single system to facilitate and optimise the conduct of their daily teaching and administrative missions. The goal was to use the platform in secure SaaS mode in compliance with the GDPR. Up to then, it had no tool for assisting them in terms of teaching.

In the framework of the development of remote teaching, the school wished to be equipped with a set of professional services (communication, teaching, administrative & finance) allowing it to provide administrative and financial continuity as well as teaching continuity.

The challenge was to deploy the Skolengo EMS (Education Management Software) and to train the school staff in 2 weeks during the month of August to be ready for the start of the school year.

The project team wanted dedicated assistance. One of the goals was to collect all the data from the previous management software to benefit from the legacy and continue to follow-it up from the Skolengo platform.

The project

To ensure rapid familiarization with the platform, the Skolengo team set up personalized training for the school staff. More than 100 people were trained in less than 2 weeks.

With the Skolengo EMS, teachers and administrative staff benefit from a complete range of services covering communication and teaching. For Christian Ducrocq, Deputy Principal of the International French School in Riyadh:

The teaching binder and the messaging service constitute a real revolution for our school: these are professional features that are easy to handle and completely suitable for our work. It has become easier to communicatie with families, students and teachers, using the messaging service. Teachers produce attractive courses using the many interactive features and distribute the work-to-do to the students with a single click.

With Skolengo’s Administrative & Financial Management module, all of the school’s administrative management has gone paper-less. The administrative teams have advanced services for managing registrations and billing online. And parents can register their children directly online.

Following up online registrations and giving families the possibility of registering their children online seems essential to us.

Christian Ducrocq, Deputy Principal of the International French School in Riyadh


The school today has a completely integrated modular platform in secure SaaS mode in compliance with GDPR. Skolengo enable the overall operation of the school using professional services covering all its needs. With the Skolengo EMS, the Riyadh International School has accelerated its digital transition and simplified its information system.

This flexible, efficient professional platform provides us with real time savings and efficiency on a daily basis.

Families have access to a range of complete digital services via a single platform, with the digitization of procedures such as registrations and online payments as well as the follow-up of their children’s schooling or school news.

Key figures

1,200 students
111 teachers
+ than 3,000 parent and student accounts

Key points

  • AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) network: officially appointed school
  • Completely integrated Education Management Software (EMS) solution
  • Deployment of digital services dedicated to teaching
  • Move of administrative and financial services to SaaS mode
  • Recovery of all legacy data: former students, bills, fee and rebate forms
  • Interoperability: a complete catalogue of SSO professional connectors
  • Multilingual and multicurrency solution

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