Why choose Skolengo?

A future-proof modular system

Skolengo’s modular approach adapts to each school’s own needs.

Choose the optional modules and services that you need: Communication, Collaborative practices, Teaching, Schooling, Timetable, Administrative & Finance, Catering, Training & Course Choice, Videoconferences, and more. Our teams will integrate them into your existing information system.

You can also activate all the modules to benefit from the power of “all integrated” and thus facilitate their daily use.

plateform full web
plateform full web

An SaaS and full web platform

Skolengo meets all the needs of a teaching establishment. Via a single platform, Skolengo centralizes all the professional services needed for the overall operation of the school: you will thus make savings on the subscription and operating costs.

Quick to set up, there is no software installation to perform in the school. A single URL link is sufficient to access the solution. Work within your school or remotely when you wish.

Our team takes care of all the technical operations: data take-over, integration into your information system, back-ups, hosting, etc.
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Interoperability & advanced integration into your information system

Skolengo integrates easily into your information system thanks to a catalogue of professional connectors and high integration capacity. Using interoperability standards (CAS, SAML, etc.), our team will perform the advanced integration with all third-party tools, thus ensuring perfect operating complementarity between solutions.

From the Skolengo platform, the user can have a totally transparent access, via a single account and without need for re-authentication, to all its services whether native or external to the system.

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Interoperability skolengo
Interoperability skolengo

security skolengo
security skolengo

Personal data security

Skolengo is hosted in Europe in an ISO 27001 certified datacenter.

Data protection is therefore regulated by the European Law (GDPR), guaranteeing a high level of security.

Robust and secure, Skolengo is regularly audited by a third-party certified by the ANSSI (Agency for the Security of  Information Systems).

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