The services included

Free yourself from technical constraints

Benefiting from a sole supplier and a single maintenance and assistance contract, the school or institution managing the school networks will achieve real savings on operating costs. Freed up from technical constraints, the school can concentrate on its missions. 


An international assistance centre

Our technical and professional experts are the guarantors of the quality of the service. We ensure that Skolengo is maintained in operational condition, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year with a rate of availability of 99.8%. Our highly qualified and multi-lingual “professional” advisers are specialists in the challenges of the world of education. They will provide you with complete, efficient assistance, daily.


Access for all and everywhere

Skolengo incorporates tools such as the audio recorder or content vocalisation to facilitate access to those with special needs. Our platform was designed to adapt to users having difficulties in perceiving colours or contrasts.

Skolengo is accessible on all screens and via a dedicated mobile app.


Skolengo integrates into the information system of your school thanks to a catalogue of professional connectors and a great capacity of integration based on technical standards of interoperability with all third-party tools ensuring perfect functional complementarity between solutions.

Identify federation 

Skolengo can be the supplier of identity or can integrate into the existing suppliers’ identity of your information system based on an LDAP directory or an active directory.

Single authentification

The Skolengo single authentication system allows the connected user to access third-party applications without re-authenticating (SSO, CAS, SAML, OpenIdConnect).


Personal data protection

We host the data in Europe in an ISO 27001 data centre. Skolengo complies with the GDPR. Robust and secure, our solution is regularly audited by a third-party, certified by the ANSSI (Agency for the Security of Information Systems). 


Skolengo integrates into your information system

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