No more uncounted entries!
Gain in efficiency in your catering management

catering school skolengo
catering school skolengo

catering school skolengo


closely the services so that they are completely adapted to the operation of your teaching establishment.

catering school skolengo


easily entries. The solution checks the identity of the person, their right to enter and records the information.

catering school skolengo


the deployment of the system. A single URL link is sufficient, no need for installation on the workstation.

Management and monitoring of entries

  • The system adapts to the canteen format whether self-service or cafeteria
  • Management of multiple catering services: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner
  • Recording and flagging of anomalies in real time: multiple entries, alert threshold, debit floor, etc.
  • Statistical reports are available for monitoring entries.

catering school skolengo

Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration
Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration

Online meal booking

Families and school staff have the possibility of directly booking meals online.

Create and personalize your badges 

With the badge design service, create your style of badge simply and quickly. This service interconnects with the student account database to automatically generate individual badges.
Our team can also produce the customization and printing of your cards.

The user tops-up their card online: the money is stored in a virtual wallet. In case of loss or theft, the card can be deactivated with a single click and the balance transferred to another card.

Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration

Skolengo : paiement en ligne
Skolengo : paiement en ligne

Consultation and payment online

For families, it is possible to top-up their child’s account directly online and monitor the entries into the canteen or the self-service restaurant.

Several modes of payment can be offered: prepayment, billing or bank transfer.

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We offer:

  • Barcode or contactless chip badges
  • Stand-alone badge readers
  • Badge printers

Skolengo : paiement en ligne

Hear from our clients

By deploying a single system for managing all the catering in the establishment, from primary school to high school, the teams have gained in efficiency. It is a real time savings benefitting from a complete, flexible professional solution.

Sophie CHAUVET, "Families - Catering service", Accounts Manager

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