Skolengo has been enhanced with new features 2020-2021

[News: second quarter 2020-2021]

Published on March 19, 2021 by Clémentine - Updated on 05 janvier 2023 à 17H08

Amongst the new features to discover this quarter: easily contacting the parents by SMS, the management of long-term replacements in the timetable and new services for families in the Administrative & Finance module.

 Communication: contacting legal guardians by SMS directly from the school’s dashboard

From the school’s dashboard, it can now contact the legal guardians by SMS (or by the messaging service of the EMS if they do not agree to receive SMS notifications).

By means of the many filters in the school’s dashboard, the selection of legal guardians to contact can be wider or more restrictive depending on the need. E.g. no school bus service (sent to all legal guardians), no catering at lunchtime (only sent to the legal guardians of students who take lunch), etc.

The sender can use an already existing SMS template or can write freely. They can also receive a summary in the messaging service of the SMS’s sent.

This feature is available if the institution has SMS credit.

Discover the Communication module

Skolengo : Contacter les parents par SMS
Skolengo : Contacter les parents par SMS

Timetable: management of long-term replacements

remplacement logues duree emploi du temps
remplacement logues duree emploi du temps


Creating and managing long-term replacements directly via the new “long-term replacements” tab.

In the “Absences” tab, it is now possible to view the replacements already created over the period of absence of the teacher and to create a replacement for a teacher absence.

Discover the Timetable module

New features of the Administrative & Finance module

Pre-registration and re-registration services have evolved

Several improvements are available: allowing families to upload a photo of the pre-registered student, possible deletion of a pre-registration file, personalization of the closure message sent to parents.

Parents can make staggered payments of their bills on-line

The school can now allow parents to stagger the payments of their bill on-line. When the payment is made, the parent receive a notification by e-mail. 

paiement en plusieurs fois Skolengo module administratif et finance
paiement en plusieurs fois Skolengo module administratif et finance

Changes to come: 

  • Communication module: optimization of targeted communications, modernization of the presentation of news on the home page
  • Teaching module: copy a step from one activity to another
  • Schooling module: improvement of the sanctions and punishments services
  • Administrative & Finance module: ergonomic optimization of the Skolengo interface dedicated to families, continuation of the digitizing of administrative tasks