New services dedicated to management

Published on April 3, 2019 by - Updated on 04 mars 2022 à 16H27

Skolengo is enriched with new services to offer a complete, modular software solution dedicated to the overall functioning of schools

Skolengo offers professional services. The educational community has access both to the teaching-related services (communication, teaching, schooling services, etc.) but also to new services dedicated to administrative management (administrative and financial management, out-of-school activities, the infirmary, catering, etc.).

With all these features, Skolengo simplifies the digitalization of the school and allows the players in the educational system to concentrate on the success of their missions.

Skolengo Management & Administration

This module includes 5 services:
  • The Administrative and financial management service allows school staff to monitor the administrative and financial folder for each student, from their registration up until their departure. The module allows all modes of billing practised in the school to be managed and includes the intuitive management of pro forma and ultra-fast invoice generation.
  • The Out-of-school activities management service allows school staff to build and align their catalogues of activities. Families have the possibility to register their children in the activities offered and to pay for them on-line.
  • The Infirmary service allows the school’s medical staffto provide digital, rapid and daily monitoring of student visits, consultations and medical folders. The module includes highly secure treatment of the personal and medical data entered.
  • The Catering service offers schools all the tools needed for the optimal management of the canteen or the self-service cafeteria: on-line registration, follow-up of payments, monitoring of visits, etc.
  • The Multi-service cards service allows schools to produce or simply order all their badges (access control to the school, the canteen or the self-service cafeteria, to the library), etc.