The Saint-Louis Crest school group optimizes catering management with Skolengo

Published on February 25, 2021 by - Updated on 04 mars 2022 à 17H46

Sophie Chauvet, “Accounts manager” from the St Louis Crest Group, uses the Catering module, a school canteen management software integrated into Skolengo. Since its arrival in 2016, the module has seen numerous changes that have allowed it to optimize the monitoring of canteen visits, billing and online registrations.

By using Skolengo, this school with more than 1,200 students (pre-school, primary, junior and general and technical high school) has gained in efficiency in the management of its catering.

An easy-to-use school canteen software

Learning to use the Catering module integrated into Skolengo is easy. It is an intuitive solution. All the people in charge of monitoring and managing the canteen have picked it up quickly.

For more specific needs, the help offered by Skolengo is very reactive. It knows how to provide solutions and relevant advice. A real relation of trust has been developed with the Skolengo teams that confirms our choice of service provider as well as the professional quality of the solution.

An efficient canteen software

The Catering module is a flexible solution It adapts to the specificities of each schooling level from primary school to secondary school.

To ensure the monitoring of canteen visits in the junior school and the high-school, the school uses a tablet computer with a contact-less badge reader. Thus, the supervisor in charge of monitoring has great freedom to move around. Just passing the student cards over the reader registers the canteen visit. The supervisors can filter the visits by class, check the presence of students and be alerted to an anomaly in real time: multiple visits, debit floor of cards achieved, etc.

To manage primary school catering, we only use the online booking service and the yearly registration offered by the solution.

Gestion passages Skolengo restauration
Gestion passages Skolengo restauration

By deploying a single solution for managing all the catering in the school from primary school to high-school, the teams have gained in efficiency. Having a complete, flexible professional solution provides real time savings. 

Paiement en ligne skolengo restauration
Paiement en ligne skolengo restauration

Specific online services for parents

The online registration and payment services for the canteen in the space dedicated to parents brings them flexibility, autonomy and real time savings. In fact, with a few clicks, parents can register their child in the canteen for the year or occasionally and pay directly on-line.

Our school has also set-up a wallet service. Parents of junior and high school students can directly credit their wallet onlineand pay for the canteen or cafeteria meals of their child.

The fine setting up of the solution adapts to all configurations

The Skolengo Catering module is an efficient, flexible tool that allows fastidious financial management.

The school has finely set-up the module to have monitoring and management closely matching its needs. Given that the school covers teaching from primary school until the end of high-school, 13 services work simultaneously in different places (primary school, junior school, high-school, boarding school) and for different age groups: 3 cafeteria services, 1 canteen service for junior school and high-school, 1 canteen service for the primary school, 1 picnic service, 1 self-service for the boarding school.

For Sophie Chauvet, Family & Catering accounts manager, the Skolengo Catering module “has numerous features that optimize catering management, such as monitoring of reminders via direct mailing or SMSs, filtering of negative balances, the ability to export lists of payments, of bookings or visits depending on the class and the school (primary school, junior school, general and technical high-school), the possibility of sorting purchase lists by day, by month and by wallet.”

Apart from the traditional monitoring of visits that allow us to monitor whether a student is present or not in the canteen, I find that the power of targeting Catering module lists is a real asset for monitoring registrations and billing.

The school now uses the out-of-school activities service (GAES-gestion des activités extra-scolaires) integrated into Skolengo to monitor the studies via the portal dedicated to parents. The whole the management of catering and studies passes off smoothly.

logiciel de gestion de la cantine scolaire Skolengo
logiciel de gestion de la cantine scolaire Skolengo

Management of the school catering