Interoperability and advanced integration with our information system


Unique username and password

More than 80 professional connectors

Standard and open protocols and APIs

Simplified, secure access to Skolengo

Identity federation

Skolengo can be the identity supplier by relying on or incorporating existing identity suppliers into your information system.

A single authentication

Skolengo’s unique authentication system allows the user to access all the professional applications without needing re-authentication. The use retains a single username and password in order to access the different websites offered by the Education Management Software (EMS) under conditions compliant with GDPR.

This authentication is based on technical standards: SSO, CAS, SAML, OpenIdConnect.

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Advanced integration thanks to API

Skolengo experts offer advanced integration of external professional services using APIs (application programming interfaces). By controlling the standard protocols such as SOAP, REST, JSON, they integrate the professional services in a transparent fashion. Thus, you will have a more user friendly solution.

Our team also develops its own APIs so as, for example, so as to offer you the mobile app.

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