Why choose Skolengo Schooling software?


Published on January 22, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Our online Schooling management software lets you manage Schooling in your private or public school from A to Z, and make daily life easier for your staff.

A complete Schooling software package

Designed in partnership with users, Skolengo's Schooling software enables personalized monitoring of learners. It offers tools adapted to every profile in the School: School principal, CPE, team of educational assistants and teachers.

le logiciel de vie scolaire pour gérer les absences des élèves
le logiciel de vie scolaire pour gérer les absences des élèves

Absence(s) service view in the Schooling module

8 reasons to choose Skolengo Schooling software

  1. Tracking and managing Absence(s)

    Real-time monitoring of absences enables the CPE and his team to see the status of attendance registers, with or without events (absences, lateness(es)), by Class. This makes it easier for them to deal with Schooling events, and gives them a global overview of the progress of their work.
    Schooling software also saves time when drawing up annual, quarterly or period-specific Absence(s) reports.

  2. Grading students accurately

    Teachers can easily enter grades and Consult a global Dashboard of automatically generated Student grades. The automatic calculation of averages and display of Assessments is a real time-saver. Teachers can quickly summarize progress, with a breakdown by level and the chronological evolution of students' Skills.

  3. Animate your Class councils

    Whether remote or face-to-face, the Schooling module makes it easy to organize Class councils. An overview of each Student's results and progress provides a complementary view for the Teaching team.

  4. Benefit from a range of business functions

    From a single platform, access a wide range of functionalities to meet your business needs=> Discover Schooling software Services

  5. Being accompanied and listened to

    When you're new to Skolengo, transferring to a new School or changing your Schooling software, it's normal to need help. That's why we've set up a support team to provide you with the answers you need on how to use Skolengo, and the Schooling module in particular. What's more, we study your business constraints and regularly gather your opinions to guide improvements to your work tool.

  6. Take advantage of included services such as Timetable and Videoconferencing

    You'll have access to complementary, interconnected tools such as :
    - the software for designing and managing daily Timetables. You'll benefit from a simple, high-performance tool (step-by-step design, intuitive group management, timetable planning for ULIS or UPE2A students, etc.) integrated with your ENT: no additional costs and total compatibility.
    - theVideoconference service integrated with your School management software. You'll be able to host your Class councils, parent-teacher meetings, school staff meetings, etc. remotely or in hybrid mode.

  7. Simplify your life and save money

    The use of a Schooling management tool integrated into your ENT makes life much easier for its Users, as it enables them to :
    - Simplify your School's information system: all Services in the same tool, no more compatibility problems between the different modules used.
    -Optimize your operating costs: no more optional modules to pay for in addition to your ENT*.
    -Encourage Practices by all members of the Educational community: All the information you need is available in a single tool, making it easier to manage and monitor students, and encouraging School staff, students and their parents to use ENT because they'll find everything they're looking for.
    *For public and private Schools using Skolengo as part of an ENT project funded by their Local authority(ies).

  8. Concentrate fully on your core business

    Work in complete confidence, your data and those of your Students are safe: they are hosted in France in an ISO 27001-certified datacenter and are also subject to the European data protection law RGPD. What's more, the Skolengo team maintains the Schooling software in operational condition 24/7/365, with an availability rate of 99.8%.

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Proven Schooling management software

+ More than 800 Secondary schools and High schools use Skolengo's Schooling software, and have seen an increase of over 100% in the number of users of their ENT (Digital Workspace).

The Schooling module is easy to use and logical to learn. The Serious disciplinary measures function is well designed. This Schooling management tool has won over Schooling staff and parents alike.
Management staff at a Regional education authority school in Versailles, France

The advantages of Skolengo's Schooling module in pictures