Teaching English in the digital age

Published on December 10, 2018 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Aniella Lebeau has been an English teacher at Collège Louis de Broglie in Ancemont, Meuse, since 2001. A Skolengo user since September 2018, she tells us about her use of digital Teaching Services in the classroom.

Simple, secure functions

Simplicity is the main advantage of Skolengo's digital Teaching Services. It's easy to insert rich content such as videos or Learning Apps into Teaching binder activities. A simple copy and paste of the url is all that's needed.
During her Course(s), Mme Lebeau often sets up group activities, along the lines of the accompanied class* model.. This means that Students often work independently during the Course(s).

"My students often work with iPads because it gets more of them active, compared to a frontal lesson with the blackboard. "

It's difficult for the Teacher to control all the Tablet screens. Skolengo offers a secure framework: students have no access to other content such as advertisements, because everything is done on the ENT, even the integration of external content.

A rich teaching activity in the digital Teaching binder

A wide range of digital tools to enhance your lessons

Complementary tools such as work to do management and the Teaching binder offer added value compared to a traditional textbook. In addition to the inclusion of rich links in teaching activities, the audio recorder can be used, for example, to add an oral instruction to an Assignment(s), or to keep an oral record of the lesson, recorded by the teacher or a student.

"The audio recorder is very useful for students with special educational needs such as dys students for whom writing presents a real obstacle. "

Finally, the recorder can be used outside and during lessons, replacing the MP3 player that students used a few years ago. It can be used on the iPads available to students in the Class.
The distribution of activities and Assignment(s) also makes it possible toindividualize learning The distribution of activities and homework also makes it possible to individualize learning: it is possible to propose content to certain students in the class, targeted via the Organiser distribution tool. The School Principal and other teachers in the Class also have access to the work, which is useful for homework help schemes such as "Assignment(s) faits".

*Teaching practices that deliver autonomy to students within the Class. Course(s) content is given at the start of the Lesson, then time is freed up to complete exercises in class.

Students can record their Reply with the audio recorder.