New Skolengo features 2020-2021

[New for second quarter 2020-2021]

Published on March 19, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Among this quarter's new features: simply contact parents by SMS, management of long-term replacements in the Timetable and new services for families in the Administration & Finance module.

Communication: contact legal guardians by SMS directly from the School Dashboard

From the School Dashboard, it is now possible to contact legal guardians by SMS (or via the EMS Mailbox if they have not agreed to receive SMS notifications).

Thanks to the numerous filters available in the School Dashboard, the selection of legal guardians to be contacted can be more or less fine-tuned according to requirements. For example: no school bus (sent to all guardians), no lunchtime catering (sent only to guardians of half-boarders), etc.

The sender can use an existing SMS template or write his own. You can also receive a summary of your SMS messages in your Mailbox.

Skolengo : Contacter les parents par SMS
Skolengo : Contacter les parents par SMS

Primary Skolengo: Mediacentre service now available to schools

Schools using Skolengo Primary now have access to GAR (Gestionnaire Accès aux Ressources) Resources.(Resource Access Administrator) resources, as do Secondary schools and High schools using Skolengo.

With the newmediacentre serviceMediacentre service, schools can now allocate Educational resources to teachers, classes, students... Users can access their resources directly from the Mediacentre service.

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médiacentre GAR skolengo primaire
médiacentre GAR skolengo primaire

Timetable: managing long-term replacements

remplacement logues duree emploi du temps
remplacement logues duree emploi du temps

Create and manage long-term replacements directly via the new "Long-term replacements" tab.

In the "Absence(s)" tab, it is now possible to view replacements already created for the period of the Teacher's absence, and to create a replacement for the Teacher's absence.

Watch a video of the Timetable module

New features in the Administrator & Finance module

New services for pre-registration and re-registration

Several improvements have been made: families can now upload a photo of their pre-registrant, the pre-registration file can be deleted, the configuration and opening of pre-registration with Field has been simplified, and the closing message sent to parents has been customized.

Parents can pay their invoices online in instalments

The School can now offer parents the option of paying their bill online in instalments. Once payment has been made, parents receive an email notification.

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paiement en plusieurs fois Skolengo module administratif et finance
paiement en plusieurs fois Skolengo module administratif et finance

Future developments

  • Module Communication Optimization of targeted communications, modernization of news presentation on the Home page.
  • Module Teaching Copy a step from one activity to another
  • Module Schooling Services: improved Serious disciplinary measures and Disciplinary measures services
  • Module Settings & Finance Module Administration & Finance Module: optimize the ergonomics of the Skolengo interface for families, further dematerialize administrative tasks