Skolengo's Videoconference in the spotlight at a Secondary school in Seine-Maritime in the presence of the President of the County and the press

Published on December 4, 2020 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

On Thursday December 3, Skolengo's Videoconference service was presented at the Emile Verhaeren Secondary school in Bonsecours, County Seine-Maritime. The presentation was organized at the request of County President Bertrand Bellanger.

The County of Seine-Maritime has decided to equip the department's 109 Secondary schools with the Videoconference service integrated with the Skolengo ENT solution, which has been deployed since 2014 under the name Arsene76.

The presentation consisted in simulating a situation in which students are "case contact" Covid. Part of the students followed their Course(s) normally in Class and the other part was at a distance (for the purposes of the simulation, a small group of students representing the "contact cases" was set up in the CDI). Math teacher Virginie Soudais taught her Course(s) as usual, using the hybrid teaching teaching: she shared her content on whiteboard and involved all her students, including those at a distance, by answering their questions in chat via the Videoconference tool..

Classe virtuelle maths dans un collège de Seine-Maritime
Classe virtuelle maths dans un collège de Seine-Maritime

For Frédérique Thérain, Secondary school Principal the Videoconference service integrated into EMS Skolengo controls access to videoconferencing: "only Students with an ENT account on Arsene76 can connect to Videoconference". . For teachers, "organization is simple and intuitive".. In just 1 click, the connection is established with only authorized Students from the very first login. The School has equipped its Teachers with micro-earphones to ensure that their virtual classes run smoothly.

According to Frédérique Thérain, the service opens up Practices other than the health context. For example, by creating guest accounts on Arsene76, we'll be able to develop cultural exchanges with other Schools, notably as part of the Erasmus program. We're also planning to hold our annual inter-school dance and singing competition (11 schools in the County are registered this year) via Videoconference: schools will get together online to watch each other's performances live!
In the presence of the press, the President of the Seine-Maritime County, Bertrand Bellanger, underlined the importance of these digital features, such as Videoconferencing and the integration of online Office software services the Arsene76 ENT project to reduce the digital and IT divide among families.