New Skolengo products for back-to-school 2022

Published on September 6, 2022 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

The whole team wishes you a wonderful back-to-school season 2022! To help you get back into the swing of things, Skolengo has added a number of new features that have been acclaimed by our Users.

The main new features of the new school year are :

Schooling module

Simplified bulletin settings screen

From now on, all bulletin parameter-setting actions are grouped together on the same screen.

évaluation : paramétrage des bulletins Skolengo
évaluation : paramétrage des bulletins Skolengo
Paramétrage des bulletins modeles
Paramétrage des bulletins modeles

You can now set up your newsletters with 4 new features:

  • Assign report templates to classes: en masse, by class or by level
  • Set display options (e.g. type of Grading to indicate with or without Grade)
  • Creation of report templates to be retained from one year to the next
  • Subject scheduling
Find out more in the tutorial to help you set up your bulletins

The attendance registers and the Timetable highlight the different routes available.

Students benefiting from an adaptedTimetable(attached to a session in another class/group, or for whom a session without a group has been created) appear on the Attendance register and Organiser.

Sessions without a defined group (e.g. extra lessons given by a teacher to ULIS students) are visible in the personal Timetables of teachers, students and their Legal guardians. The Attendance register can now be viewed and done for Lessons without a defined group.

parcours aménagés appel_Skolengo
parcours aménagés appel_Skolengo

Absence(s) management by half-day for Primary schools

From now on, school teachers can do the attendance register in one click and enter the student's absence for half a day.
appel skolengo primaire demi journée
appel skolengo primaire demi journée

Settings and finance module

Simplified billing for canteen/self-catering/coffee shop visits

Skolengo offers a complete new billing system for generating invoices and tracking unpaid bills for occasional meals. An invoice summarizing the number of passages recorded for a Student over a period is generated in the Administration and Finance module.Cash receipts can also be tracked from the accounting department of the Administration and Finance module, or on a per-use basis from the Catering module.

To find out more, Consult thearticle on simplifying school catering invoicing

simplification facturation passages cantine scolaire
simplification facturation passages cantine scolaire

Invoice certification

certifier ses factures avec Skolengo
certifier ses factures avec Skolengo

To meet legal requirements, it is possible to generate a digital invoice that displays a QR code guaranteeing certification.
To date, this feature has only been deployed in Schools whose countries are subject to this legal requirement: Saudi Arabia and Benin.
This new feature will be extended to other countries as soon as they are subject to this obligation.

Teaching module

Managing courses without a group: Work to do and distribution of activities for a Lesson

Now, when accommodations are entered in the Timetable software, it is possible to give work to do and broadcast an activity:

  • Or on a Lesson without Class or Group ;
  • or on a Lesson with a Class or group with one or more Student(s) on an adapted course.
It is also possible to distribute work either by choosing an existing Lesson in the Organiser or by selecting a Student with a Lesson.

TAF gestion des cours sans groupe
TAF gestion des cours sans groupe

New detailed view of a Lesson in the Organiser

vue détaillée d'une séance du cahier de textes Skolengo
vue détaillée d'une séance du cahier de textes Skolengo
Pieces of work distributed from the Work to do tab (or those given from the Teaching binder), which were initially displayed as "View work to do" links, are now displayed directly on the session detail page in the the form of a "Consult work to do" link, are now displayed directly in the Lesson details page of the Organiser.
The main elements displayed on a Lesson:
  • A banner presenting all the general information about the Lesson (Lesson date, lesson time, Subject, Teacher name, Classroom) and buttons offering :
    • adding a personal Grade for Teacher and Student
    • the Consult previous Lessons for the Teacher, from the "Teaching duty session" button. A side panel (identical to the one available in the Organiser calendar view) is displayed, showing by default the previous session of the same Teaching duty as the session whose details are displayed.
    • and so on.
  • A Lesson content
  • A Teaching binder activity
  • From Attached document(s)
  • A audio recording
  • Consult the Work to do and the Pieces of work returned
To find out more about Organiser functionalities, Consult Skolengo Academy

seance cahier de textes skolengo
seance cahier de textes skolengo

Educational resources accessible from Skolengo for schools in the AEFE network and private schools outside the contractual framework

ressources pédagogiques depuis Skolengo
ressources pédagogiques depuis Skolengo

Skolengo has launched a new service called "médiacentre" for schools in the AEFE network and private educational establishments outside the contractual framework. It is now possible to assign Digital resources to students and teachers. These Resources can be accessed directly from Skolengo.

To find out more about this media center, Consult our video tutorial in this article

Collaborative module

Manage mistakenly deleted shared folders

The Shared folderscan now be restored. A recycle garbage can is now available in the Shared folders of each Section for which this service is activated.

To find out more, Consult this article

gestion dossiers partagés_suppression_Skolengo
gestion dossiers partagés_suppression_Skolengo

Upcoming developments

  • Mobile application
  • The Organiser :
    • Direct editing of Lessons, even partially completed ones
    • Option of attaching a Binder activity from "complete Lesson".
    • View previous / next Lessons
  • The Student record Multi-year storage of report cards on the Student record with direct display
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