New Skolengo features - 1st quarter 2020

[New for first quarter 2020]

Published on November 25, 2020 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

This quarter's new features include Individual corrected assignments sent directly to students from the Teaching module, a new "Meeting" service in the Collaborative module, online meal reservation for staff and students in the Catering module and graphical customization of official Administrative & Finance documents.

Teaching: send individual corrected assignments directly from the "Work to do" service

Corrigé individuel dans Skolengo
Corrigé individuel dans Skolengo

The "Work to do" service already enabled teachers to deliver an individual corrected assignment for each student.

Now, in addition, Teachers can choose to directly distribute the Individual corrected assignment as soon as they receive the Student's work, as well as allow the Student to submit a new assignment.

For their part, the Student sees their new work to do on their Home page. They canmodify their Delivered work while consulting their teacher's Corrected assignment.

How do you check that students have received and seen their work to do?

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Collaborative: new "Meeting" service with Videoconference option and "Office software online" service now available in collaborative mode

Organize your face-to-face or remote meetings in your Agenda

Each user (except "Student" and "Parent" profiles) can create (Shared) events from their Personal agenda. Notifications are sent to guests via the ENT Mailbox, and the event appears in their agenda. If the Skolengo Visio service is activated, the "Videoconference" option can be checked when adding or modifying the event in the Agenda.

Discover Skolengo's Videoconference service

Take advantage of Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools in collaborative mode

Depending on their rights and roles, Users can create and edit collaborative files in Shared folders. Users with access to these files can either view them only, or view and edit them. view them only, or view and edit them.. Let's take the example of a play written by several students. Some students may be writers, while others may be readers.

Visioconférence Skolengo
Visioconférence Skolengo

Schooling: 2 new developments to discover

Visioconférence Skolengo

Search optimization on the Schooling Dashboard

New filters make it easier to find information or files. Filter types vary according to the search context (Students, The attendance register, Absence(s), Lateness(es) or Departures).

Managing students on secondment

For EDT 2020 users, Skolengo integrates the "Detach a Student from Class for a priority activity" feature. (e.g. management of ULIS students). All users concerned (detached students, teachers, etc.) see the "Priority" label appear on the courses concerned in their Organiser.

Discover the Schooling module on video

What's new in the Catering module

Inform parents by email

In addition to SMS and Direct mailing, it is now possible to send an email to parents if they have agreed to receive information by email. For example, when a new invoice has been generated, or when the virtual wallet balance is close to zero (threshold to be defined). A dispatch report shows you which e-mails have been sent and which invalid e-mails have not been delivered. In addition, a history of sent e-mails is accessible from the Student record.

Online meal reservation for staff and students

Until now, only parents could reserve meals online. Now, staff, teachers and students can book meals directly online in advance.

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Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration
Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration

The Administrator & Finance module is evolving

Personnalisation de documents à votre charte
Personnalisation de documents à votre charte

Personalize your documents with your own image

You caninsert images (logo, illustration, signature...) into your document templates. The fonts (or Fonts) can also be customized to match your corporate identityand appear automatically in your documents.

Account statement: optimized display

Account statements have been redesigned in order to clarify the information displayed for administrative and financial staff, as well as for payers.

Online payment for families: a new option now available

It is now possible for parents to pay their bills pay their bills online in instalments.

To find out more about these new features and how to use them, Consult news on the Skolengo Academy site dedicated to Skolengo users (to access it, you need to be logged in to your digital space).

Future developments

  • Module Schooling Module Student record: enhanced information on the Student record, optimized SMS sending and tracking, optimized for future LSU/LSL exports.
  • ModuleSettings & Finance ModuleAdministration & Finance Module: ergonomic optimization of the Skolengo interface dedicated to families (in particular, pre-registration and online forms).