ENT at the heart of the County's regional policy

Published on June 7, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

The County of Haute-Garonne has implemented an ambitious digital policy based on the eCollège31 ENT. The eCollège31 project, initiated in 2010 by the County in partnership with the Regional education authority of Toulouse, has been deployed in 96 public Secondary schools. As soon as the platform was up and running, the County began using its various communication Services to communicate with families, Schools and local players. Marie-Henriette de Malvinsky, Director of Education and School Facilities for the County of Haute-Garonne (from 2003 to 2017), describes the key role played by ENT within the Educational community, contributing to the success of the County's digital policy.

ENT: a powerful communications tool for promoting the County's education policy

EMS-ENT Skolengo offers a wide range of services Services for managing and coordinating the department's of the County. From the County's public portal, schools, families, parents, students and local secondary school staff (ATTEE) can find information on local aid and projects, school sectoring, culture and leisure activities, etc. .... In particular, the County was able to communicate very quickly on the specific measures put in place during the health crisis. With Targeted communicationthe County can also post important announcements and news items on the Local authority and School websites, according to the user's profile.

de malvinsky politique teriitoriale ent
de malvinsky politique teriitoriale ent

ENT has dematerialized exchanges, facilitating collaborative work between the Local authority and the Schools. It's easy to manage projects set up on the Local authority Portal. School principals can easily communicate with County site administrators via Skolengo's collaborative services: shared spaces, blog, etc.

For example, the County Portal has created a recipe exchange space for cooks.

TheLocal authorityalso uses this portal to promote County projects with Secondary-school students.

This ambitious digital policy has been made possible by the involvement of the Regional education authority and the Schools in developing ENT Practices as soon as it was deployed throughout the region. The rich editorial content of the site and the number of visits (50,000 visits/month) to the Portal since its launch, with several tens of thousands of Users, are proof of the success of the educational policy.

ENT: an extension of the Local authority's information system

From the outset of the project, the eCollège31 ENT was conceived as a privileged space for exchange between the County and its School staff. Easy access to County and School portals facilitates rapid adoption of the solution. County staff connect to the ENT with the same logins they use to connect to the County platform, thanks to an identity federation set up by the County with the help of Kosmos : There's no need to retain new identifiers, as the Local authority manages them.

To ensure this extension of the information system, the Local authority set up a training, support and assistance program for its employees as soon as the solution was deployed, making it easier for them to get to grips with the system and develop digital Practices.

The ENT has simplified access to the Local authority and Secondary school intranet, encouraging the development of Practices.

This has strengthened the position of ENT as an extension of the County's Secondary school information system. In this context, the ENT, thanks to Skolengo's functionalities, is no longer just a platform that could be perceived as dedicated to the needs of the French Ministry of Education.