Success story of a digital workspace changeover in record time

The ENT27 digital workspace is the name of the project undertaken by the County council of Eure.

Since the start of the 2015 school year, the County's 56 public Secondary schools have been equipped with the EMS Skolengo solution. A total of 90,000 Users connect to ENT27 to access their School's digital Services.

Assignment needs

The County's previous solution no longer met users' expectations for an efficient digital workspace, in line with current practices and Practices, and providing access to a wide range of services.

The challenge was to roll out a quality ENT to 56 Secondary schools in the Eure very quickly, integrating all the content of the discontinued software solution. For users, the new tool's flexibility meant that they had to get to grips with it quickly, supported by training sessions. The ENT's performance in terms of stability and response times was also one of the challenges of the project.

Last but not least, the proposed solution was expected to be securely hosted, scalable, adaptable and flexible.Finally, the proposed solution was expected to be securely hosted, scalable and adaptable, and to be supported by a consulting, support and maintenance service that was present, responsive and educational.

What made us decide in favor of Skolengo over competing proposals during the attendance register process were the price, the quality of the solution and its technical and functional coverage.

Sylvie Le Gratiet,Director of Education, County de l'Eure

The project

Delivered by the Skolengo team in less than a month, the digital workspace was deployed in one go, with content taken over from the previous EMS (Education Management Software) solution.

The Eure secondary school ENT offers a range of services covering Schooling (grades, absences, sanctions, etc.), Teaching (textbooks, skills assessment, etc.), multimedia teaching resources, course editions and shared documents.

It offers advanced Web 2.0 collaborative and communication functionalities for students and their parents, who are all account holders: access to Mailbox, Portfolio...

Each of the 56 schools in the Eure region has a public Internet portal and a secure private intranet space for exchanges with the Educational community: enrolment procedures, school catering, scholarships, educational initiatives, etc.

Skolengo has been a breath of fresh air for us. Their N1 support is of the highest technical and human quality. The slightest difficulty is resolved within a day.

Frédéric HamelinSVT Teacher, ENT27 user

The deployment of ENT27 is a success. We are seeing a real increase in Practices: 30% of parents and 54% of students are already using ENT27.
Sylvie Le GratietEure County Education Director


100% of Secondary schools in the Eure now have a high-performance ENT. Deployed in record time and carried out in close collaboration with users and institutional representatives, the project is a success!

Parents and Students have naturally rallied around the Skolengo solution, thanks to an improved User experience.

The technical and functional quality of the solution, and the in-depth support provided by Kosmos teams, guarantee that Local authorities will be able to provide their Educational community with an effective ENT.

Key figures

56 Secondary schools

90 000 users

30 000Students

80%of Users are satisfied with ENT27

Key points

  • Content migration: takeover and migration of existing content
  • Rapid deployment: a project completed in just 1 month
  • TrainingTailor-made training program by Kosmos consultants
  • N1 supportUser support service provided by Kosmos business contacts

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