ENT Mailbox for the Educational community

Published on May 19, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

ENT Skolengo offers a secure Mailbox reserved for exchanges between ENT users. It is an essential tool for communicating with the Educational community, in particular for disseminating information and facilitating teaching exchanges between students, families and School staff.

Secure Mailbox

To send a message in EMS*/ENT, you need tohave an ENT account. No external messages can be received on the ENT Mailbox. This secure Mailbox enables Users to protect themselves from spam and identity theft.

To reinforce this protection, Schools can alsoMailbox can be configured to determine which user profiles can communicate with each other. For example, parents can communicate with School staff, but not with each other.

messagerie metier Skolengo
messagerie metier Skolengo

Educational counselling Mailbox

messagerie metier Skolengo
messagerie metier Skolengo

The Mailbox service offers a "recipient assistant" function recipient assistant" feature to make it easier to find a recipient. Users can view contact lists according to lists of contacts according to "Job titles / User profiles": classes, school staff, families Class, School staff and families. Once a contact has been identified and selected, it is automatically inserted into the recipient bar.

A parent can directly search for the math teacher, the School Principal or the Head of School, etc. in the "choice of recipient" wizard.

A School principal, for example, can send a one-click message to all teachers informing them of the latest health measures implemented in the School, or simply send a message to a 6th grade teacher.

As soon as a User receives a message, he or she is alerted by a notification which appears on the user's Home page. A notification can also be sent to his personal address if he has authorized it.
Users can also configure their Mailbox. They can personalize their signature, set up their address book, etc.

Mailbox is a key tool for communication between Users for Teaching, Collaborative, Administrative and Family Practices. EMS* / ENT offers other tools for communication tools such as Targeted communication, SMS, Forms, etc.

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