site web 100% en ligne
site web 100% en ligne

100% web

A simple URL link is all that's needed, no need for desktop installation to make full use of the canteen software.

site web 100% en ligne

Effective follow-up

The school catering software verifies the person's identity and right of passage and records the information.

interconnexion services
interconnexion services

Interconnection to other services

Direct access to additional services

paramétrages restauration scolaire
paramétrages restauration scolaire

Customized settings

Canteen management software fully adapted to the operation of your School

Management and monitoring of school canteen use

  • Catering software adapts to the format canteen, self-service or cafeteria
  • Catering services can be managed in a variety of ways, includingbreakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
  • Real-time recording and reporting of anomalies Multiple passages, alert thresholds, minimum flow rates...
  • From Statistics are available to track canteen use.

paramétrages restauration scolaire

Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration
Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration

Online meal reservation

Families and School staff can book meals directly online using the School catering software.

Create and personalize your canteen badges

With our badge design service, you can quickly and easily create badges badges that reflect your image. This service interconnects with the Student account database to automatically generate individual badges.
Our team can also personalize and print your cards.

The User funds his card online: the money is stored on a virtual wallet. In the event of loss or theft, the card can be deactivated with a simple click, and the balance transferred to the new badge.
Réservation des repas en ligne avec Skolengo Restauration

Skolengo : paiement en ligne
Skolengo : paiement en ligne

Consult and pay online

Families can fund their Child(ren)'s account directly online and also track their child's at the canteen or self-service.

Several methods of payment prepayment, invoice or direct debit.

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Canteen management equipment

We offer :
  • Contactless barcode or chip badges
  • Stand-alone badge readers
  • Badge printers

Skolengo : paiement en ligne

School canteen management software users testify

Our Reply to your questions about school canteen management software

What methods of payment are available for the canteen?

Families can pay for their school canteen in complete security by various means:

- online, directly in the school cafeteria software
- through a virtual wallet, which families credit online and is deducted each time they use the canteen
- by direct debit
- by bank transfer
- by credit card if the School is equipped with a payment terminal
- in cash
- by check

The canteen management software offers great flexibility for both families and Schools.

How to manage a school canteen?

School catering software is a considerable advantage in canteen management. It automates time-consuming tasks and makes it easier to track payments. In just one click, you can generate invoices, send them to parents and easily manage school catering reminders.

Using catering management software lets you concentrate on complying with health and safety regulations.

How are canteen time-clocks recorded?

Students simply wave their card in front of the reader, and the canteen software registers their attendance.

Where can families find their invoices?

Families have a space where all their invoices are stored.

Settings and Finance

Ensure efficient management of your School and simplify administrative and financial procedures for the school and its families.

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Boost your teaching activities and provide individual support for each student.

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