The Skolengo exerciser: testimonials and initial positive feedback

Published on February 11, 2020 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

The Exerciser is an effective tool for setting up fun teaching activities with fast Grading. Presented as a Data set with self-assessment, students are motivated to complete their exercises.

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Skolengo's Exerciser offers a range of features that make it easy to implement innovative innovative Teaching practicesinnovative personalized learning paths and Student Grading.

I tried this exerciser and... I LOVE IT!
Lots of possibilities. Lots of added value for differentiation, tracking, flipped classrooms, Grading Skills, etc.
It's so motivating to come up with innovative, varied materials that young people appreciate.

Xavier DE BAUDRY D'ASSON, SVT teacher at a Secondary school in Moselle, France

I was delighted to discover theexerciseur which is a first step towards the use of H5p modules before a more complex use via moodle. For example, I use it as a revision tool for a mathematics Grading on the theme of geometry vocabulary and decimal numbers in 6ème. I use the fill-in-the-blank texts, annotate images and put texts back in order. And, I've had positive feedback from students and parents asking if all Gradings would be prepared like this.

Mickaël PARISOT, Mathematics Teacher at a Secondary school in the Meuse region of France.

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