Make your Courses(s) attractive with the Exerciser!

Published on March 4, 2020 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Adelyne Bouchelet, History-Geography, EMC teacher at the Louis Casimir Teyssier high school in Bitche, referent for digital teaching practices as well as sustainable development education coordinator and Regional education authority trainer, got to grips with the exerciser as soon as it was set up on Mon Bureau Numérique in November 2019. This feature makes it possible to deliver more engaging courses through edutainment exercises.

Adelyne thinks that Skolengo is a secure digital workspacethat offers the possibility of targeting a population, accessing selected Resources, and easily creating and distributing small activities.

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The Exerciser: a dynamic, interactive self-assessment tool

As soon as the Exerciser was set up in the Teaching binder, Adelyne offered the Students quizzes and gap-fill texts. It's easy to use, and has been very well received by the Students, who find this new feature "cool". For example, at the end of a Course(s), she drops in an activity in the digital Binder a MCQ or "choose a word" so that Students can check their knowledge.
She also sometimes gives students an activity during Course(s), and takes advantage of the opportunity to support students who are having difficulty completing the exercise. This is an opportunity for a quick remediation before continuing with the Course(s).
No Serious disciplinary measures, the Grading tool enables students to assess their own performance..

With this additional tool, combined with the Teaching binder in MBN, teachers can "set up a new way of working with students, giving them little edutainment exercises to review or discover concepts. "Once again, MBN ENT confirms its role as a complementary platform to physical Course(s).

In fact, following the launch of the exerciser on Skolengo, other positivepositive feedbackfeedback.

I tried out this exercise machine and... I LOVE IT! Lots of possibilities. Lots of added value in terms of differentiation, tracking, flipped classrooms, Grading skills, etc. It's so motivating to come up with innovative, varied materials that young people appreciate.
Xavier DE BAUDRY D'ASSON, SVT teacher at a Secondary school in Moselle, France

Numerous MBN functions for collaborative teaching practices

With the Teaching binder in the digital textbook, Adelyne provides resource activities in a variety of forms: images, animations, videos, review exercises, instructions, etc., all targeted to students, classes or groups, all targeted to Students, the Class or a group of Students.
She works as part of a team with other High school teachers. They try to plan a short digital Practices for each Lesson with their students. Beforehand, they prepare different activities for each course in the Teaching binder. "Our aim is to energize the lessons and get the Students active. The aim is not to use digital technology at all costs, but to make these practices a 'natural' part of their daily learning. "
Working as a team, teachers share not only their Course(s) and documents, but also the activities created for their students. That's what's new this year, and it's really great!

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To find out more about the exerciser, Consult our online help atskolengo-academy.orgfor Skolengo users only.