French International School Riyadh

Handle teaching and administrative tasks with a single SaaS solution

The French International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is part of the AEFE (Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger) network.

Teaching levels range from kindergarten to High school. Each year, the School welcomes around 1,200 students.

Assignment needs

The School wanted to to federate all personnel School staff around a singlea single solution to facilitate and optimize their day-to-day teaching and administrative tasks. The objective was to use a platform in Saas and secure RGPD-compliant platform. Until now, it had no tool to support them in Subject Teaching.

As part of the development ofdistance learningthe school wanted to be equipped with a set of set of business services(communications, teaching, administration & finance) to ensure continuity of administrative administrative and financial continuity, as well as Teaching continuity.

The challenge was to deploy the Skolengo EMS (Education Management Software) and to train School staff in 2 weeks, in August, to ensure in August to ensure the smooth start of the new school year.

The project team wanted dedicated assistance. One of the objectives was todata from the previous management from the previous management software, in order to benefit from a history and continue monitoring from the Skolengo platform.

The project

To ensure that you get to grips with the platform quickly, the Skolengo team has set up tailor-made customized training for School staff. Over 100 people were trained in less than 2 weeks..

With EMS Skolengo, teachers and management staff benefit from a complete package of services covering communication and Teaching. ForChristian Ducrocq, Assistant Principal at the French International School of Riyadh (2017 - 2022) :

The Teaching binder and Mailbox are a real revolution for our School: they're easy-to-use business functions that are totally adapted to our functions. Mailbox makes communication with families, students and teachers much easier. Teachers can create attractive Course(s) thanks to a wide range of interactive functions, and distribute work to do to their students at the click of a button.

With Skolengo, the School's entire administrative management is dematerialized.. Administrative teams have access to advanced Services for manage online registration and invoicing. And parents can register their children directly online.

We felt it was essential to monitor online registrations and give families the opportunity to register their children online.
Christian Ducrocq, Assistant Principal, French International School Riyadh (2017 - 2022)


The school now has a fully integrated modular platform in SaaSand RGPD-compliant platform. Skolengo enables the School's global operations to be supported by business services covering all its needs. With Skolengo EMS, Riyadh International School has accelerated its digital transition and simplified its information system.

This flexible, high-performance business platform saves time and improves efficiency on a daily basis.

By dematerializing procedures such as online enrolment and payment, as well as keeping track of their children's schooling and school news, families have access to a complete range of digital services via a single platform.

Key figures

111 teachers
+ more than 3,000parent and student accounts

Key points

  • AEFE networkSchool under agreement
  • Education Management Software (EMS) solution fully integrated
  • Deployment of digital services dedicated to Teaching
  • Transfer of administrative and financial Services in SaaS mode
  • Recovery of all data : former Students, invoices, fee and discount forms
  • Interoperability : a complete catalog ofSSO business connectors
  • Multilingual, multicurrency solution

Seize the opportunity to acquire a global platform in Saas mode to ensure
Teaching and Settings continuity!

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