The Mobile application is evolving! Now available for Teachers

Published on September 1, 2023 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

Skolengo now offers a Mobile application for Teachers. Its intuitive, user-friendly and modern design makes it easy to use, and gives teachers access to key Skolengo services. It's available on the iOS and Android stores!

What features does the Mobile application offer Teachers?

The Skolengo mobile application provides simplified access to Skolengo's flagship Services at any time from a smartphone:

  • Consult Timetable and Organiser contents
  • Find Pieces of work sent to Students
  • Access your School's Mailbox to consult and reply to messages
  • Keep up to date with news from your School
  • Do the register with your smartphone if your School has Skolengo Schooling.

It's a real tool for teachers, simplifying their daily tasks and organization.

Application mobile enseignant connexion
Application mobile enseignant connexion
  • In which class is my next Course(s)?
    Teachers have direct access to their Timetable and Organiser to access all this information.
  • What work have I given this Class?
    With a single click, teachers can Consult the work to do they've given.
  • Need to Consult your Mailbox?
    The application gives Teachers simple, intuitive access to their messages, with easy replies.
    In the near future, the application will also enable new messages to be written.
  • Want to keep up to date with School news?
    From the Home page, Teachers can find all the information and events that punctuate the life of the School: parent-teacher meetings, dates of school outings, upcoming school trips, Educational counselling meetings, etc.
  • Need to do the register quickly and easily?
    If your School has a Skolengo Schooling system, your Teacher can always indicate which students are absent or notify the infirmary of a departure.

How do I download the Mobile application?

  1. Deliver on theApp store or on Google Play (depending on your phone model) and type "Skolengo" in the search bar.
  2. Download the Skolengo mobile application
  3. Log in using your User ID and password from your ENT account
  4. You can start using the Mobile application Services
Are you a Parent and Teacher?
You can add several accounts (Teacher, Parent and Student) on a single device: access to each account can be protected by a PIN code (mandatory for Teacher accounts).

Want to find out more about the Mobile application?
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