Simplify registration procedures with Skolengo: new features on the family Portal

Published on January 24, 2024 by Alexandre - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

The Skolengo Portal has been redesigned to make registration easier for families. The ergonomics of the registration service have been redesigned, to make it easier to consult on a cell phone, and to simplify navigation within the tool.

Simplified registration service ergonomics

Folders for pre-registration pre-registration and re-registration are now grouped together on the same screen, providing families with a clearer overview of their children's files. This enables parents to keep track of their children's files, and to register an additional child without having to create a duplicate file. In the event of admission, a green badge is displayed on the child's file, indicating that the pre-registration has been accepted. All parents have to do is pay the registration fee.

Information concerning legal guardiansresponsible

After selecting the current school year, parents can fill in the online registration form. By default, the details of the child's two legal guardians. It is also possible to inform the School of a particular particular situation Absence(s) of a second guardian, as in the case of single-parent families.

Settings filing

Families now have the the option of attaching multiple File(s)when submitting administrative documents. When submitting an identity card, for example, they can download the front and back separately, without having to merge the two files. This feature considerably simplifies This feature greatly simplifies the creation of the application file, and offers greater flexibility to Schools, who can organize documents in their own tree structure. Once the Folder has been completed, the application can be Confirmed.

These optimizations are part of a more global overhaul of the Family Portal, aimed at improving the user experience. The family portal will continue to evolve over the coming months, notably with the arrival of the electronic signature and billing of pre-registration fees.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our support team Allo Skolengo.

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