Portfolio: your virtual USB key

Published on April 20, 2020 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

The Portfolio is one of the Personal services available to every User. Here's a closer look at this key ENT service, which gives you secure access to all your files at any time, regardless of what device you're using or where you are.


What is a Portfolio?

Portfolio is a service available in ENT's Personal services.


Everyone has access to avirtual USB key,secure andextended to online storage services (CLOUD).

Portfolio gives youpermanent access (via a simple Internet connection) to all your personal files and documentswhether stored :

  • In ENT;
  • On the School's local network (Webdav standard);
  • In external personal spaces (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive accounts, etc.)*.

All file(s) formats are accepted in the Portfolio.

When and how to use Portfolio?

Particularly useful for teachers and students when it comes toattachments for Pieces of work to be done and Delivered,
the Portfolio also offers numerous advantages for all School staff.

Here are a few examples of Practices around the service:

  • Quickly and easily integratean Attached document(s) to a message or article;
  • You've started writing a document in School :save it in your Portfolio and continue writing at home(and vice versa);
  • Feed your blog posts and Shared foldersin just a few clicks (save
    photos taken with your Smartphone in your Portfolio for reuse in your ENT content);
  • Teachers: quickly and easily integrate an attachmentan Attached document(s) in the Assignment of a Work to do
    (e.g. a photo stored in your OneDrive account)before distributing it via ENT;
  • Students :retrieve your Assignment(s) saved in your external spaces(e.g. a Word document stored
    on your Google Drive account)and deliver them via ENT;
  • Etc.

*The external spaces that can be added to the Portfolio may vary from one ENT project to another.