How can I track my Child's work to do on Skolengo ENT?

Published on November 2, 2021 by Laure - Updated on 14 mai 2024 à 12H01

ENT Skolengo enables parents to easily follow the work given by Teachers to their Child.

From the Home page of their Child's Skolengo ENT, parents have access to parents have access to all the Assignment(s) given by their child's teachers.. This gives them a direct view how much work has already been done, how much remains to be done, and how much time to devote to each task.

To consult the Assignment(s) in detail, simply click on one of the Pieces of work. Students can then deliver their work directly online.
Depending on the teacher's preferences, students can deliver their Assignment(s) in different ways:

  • Tick a box to indicate work to do
  • Enter text: the Student writes his or her Reply directly in the text field provided.
  • Attach a file: the Student delivers the Assignment(s) as an attachment (e.g. a slideshow or word-processing document).
  • Make an audio recording: Students record themselves directly with the microphone on their computer or cell phone (e.g. introduce yourself in English).
travail à faire skolengo
travail à faire skolengo

Ideally, children should log on to their ENT Home page every day to Consult the day's Lesson(s) and new Assignment(s).