For Parents, Students and Teachers

4 benefits of using the School application

Easier communication with families

Present a modern image of your School

Simplify the Settings process

Secure, RGPD-compliant application

The best Services at your fingertips!

Application mobile Skolengo Messagerie
Application mobile Skolengo Messagerie

News and Mailbox: inform and exchange with families and the Teacher team

Stay informed in real time about events at your School with the news feed such as the next school outing, teaching projects...

The Mailboxallows families and Teachers to communicate easily.
Thanks to the notificationsservice, families are informed of new messages and news.

Teachers cancommunicate with the whole School, Parents or Students directly from the Mobile application.

*Feature available soon.
Application mobile Skolengo Messagerie
Agenda et résultats sur l'application Skolengo
Agenda et résultats sur l'application Skolengo

Agenda and Results: Services to help students organize their work and track their progress

The Agenda is an essential service for students, who can consult their next courses and Assignment(s) for the coming days on the same screen. It's a real tool to help you organize your work independently.

The Agenda can also be used by Teachers to keep track of their Timetables and those of the Classes in which they teach. They also have access to the Organiser textbookso they can keep track of Pieces of work sent to Students. If the School where the Teachers teach is equipped with the Schooling software Skolengothey can easilyDo the attendance registerwith their smartphone and indicate absent students or notify the infirmary of a departure.

Services Results service enables the whole family to follow the Student's progress by consulting Grades and/or Skills acquired. You can also access the history of all your Student's report cards.
Agenda et résultats sur l'application Skolengo
absences vie scolaire skolengo application mobile
absences vie scolaire skolengo application mobile

Schooling: justify lateness(es) in 2 clicks!

The application gives families an overview of absences and lateness(es) throughout the year. Parents can justify absence(s) and lateness(es)and add a comment for Schooling.

There's no need for a paper attendance register, or to call or search for the School's email address - everyone saves time!
Application mobile Skolengo Finance
Application mobile Skolengo Finance

Finance and Wallet: simplify administrative procedures for families

With the Finance*service, the mobile application gives parents a clear overview of their bills and payment deadlines. The application allows them to make their payments directly and securely online.

Services Wallet* serviceservice lets you top up your Student wallet and track meal consumption in the canteen, self-service or cafeteria throughout the year.

*Finance and Wallet Services will be available shortly.
Application mobile Skolengo multicomptes
Application mobile Skolengo multicomptes

Multiple User accounts on the same smartphone!

With their own account, Parents can Consult the information on each of their Children using a Skolengo platform, and switch from one to the other in just 1 click.

Are you a Parent or Teacher? Don't panic!

You can create multiple accounts (Teacher, Parent and Student) on a single device, whether on a smartphone or the family Tablet: access to each account is protected by a PIN code (mandatory for Teacher accounts).

Application mobile Skolengo multicomptes

How do I download the Skolengo Mobile application?

The communication kit to quickly inform Students, Parents and Teachers

Kit de communication sur l'application mobile Skolengo pour les établissements
Kit de communication sur l'application mobile Skolengo pour les établissements

For Schools using Skolengo, we've put together a communication kit to keep families and Teachers informed about our application. In this kit, you'll find :

  • A poster to print and display at your School
  • A proposal for a personalized letter and Targeted communication to be sent to families and Teachers, with a link to the blinds for downloading.
  • A sample Blog article to publish on your digital space
  • A presentation brochure for the Mobile application (pdf and image)
  • Several visuals to illustrate your communications

A secure, up-to-the-minute Mobile application!

Kit de communication sur l'application mobile Skolengo pour les établissements

Easy-to-use application

Developed in collaboration with parents and students to provide best-practice navigation.

Kit de communication sur l'application mobile Skolengo pour les établissements

Data hosted in France

The Skolengo mobile application is RGPD compliant. A PASSI security audit verified and consolidated its security level.

Kit de communication sur l'application mobile Skolengo pour les établissements

Easy connection

Families use their Skolengo account to log in and access all the application's Services.