Skolengo primary

The SaaS solution adapted to your school!

Skolengo primary also allows institutions to lead their network of primary schools.

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A simple, intuitive platform

Interface adapted to primary school learning

Primary-Secondary continuity

Future-proof platform simplifying the transition to secondary uses

Simplified communication with families

Parents can follow their children’s schooling and the life of the school 

The main features of the EMS Skolengo primary


At a glance, parents can see all the work-to-do for their child

The teacher can quickly add class content and reminders for students. In one click, they can enter work-to-do and ask for submissions   from the students in text audio format or as an attached document.

The student can see and follow the work-to-do, consult the reminders and deliver the work requested by the teacher, on-line.



Teaching binder

The teacher can create activities and organize them as they wish, in their binder. To make the courses more attractive, they have tools that allow them to insert videos, images, online exercises and audio recordings. The activities can be disseminated directly into the student’s binder. By means of full-screen display, the teacher has the possibility of using content for leading the class.

The student has a teaching binder in which all the activities provided by the teacher can be found.

Production notebook

The student themself can create their own multimedia activities (presentation aid, photos of productions made in class, etc.).

The teacher has the possibility of consulting, correcting and modifying the activities created by the students.


Journal-activites_Skolengo primaire
Journal-activites_Skolengo primaire

Activities calendar

The teacher and the families follow all the activities, work-to-do and reminders per week and per day. They can look back to what was done so as to facilitate teaching continuity.

Home liaison diary

The home liaison diary facilitates direct discussions between the teacher and the families.

The teacher can transmit information to the parents concerning their child’s learning, their schooling, the next school outings, etc.

Parents have the possibility of confirming that they have indeed read the information.

The home liaison diary can also distribute little surveys to which the legal guardians can reply, by yes or no, for example to go along on a school outing.


Videoconference meetings

Organize your meetings with 1 click whether face-to-face and/or remotely

  • Creation of shared events from your personal agenda
  • Notifications sent to guests via the messaging service of the EMS with events appearing automatically in the agenda
  • Secure service compliant with GDPR and hosted in Europe.

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Other services can also be accessed via a single account!

page d'accueil Skolengo primaire
page d'accueil Skolengo primaire

Example of a home page of a school website

page d'accueil Skolengo primaire

School website

page d'accueil Skolengo primaire

School intranet

page d'accueil Skolengo primaire

Online office tools

page d'accueil Skolengo primaire


The security of your data is our priority!

page d'accueil Skolengo primaire

page d'accueil Skolengo primaire

ISO 27001 certified datacenter

Teaching and administrative continuity from primary to secondary 

Thanks to Skolengo, all the teams in our consortium of schools (primary and secondary) work with a single tool. In this way, we ensure teaching continuity with students and parents in a unified way. And we have progressively put in place continuity between primary and secondary teaching.

Céline Alric, Amsterdam school principal

Skolengo for secondary schools


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