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Choose Skolengo, an SaaS platform, modular and evolving.


Skolengo adapts to different levels of schooling

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Skolengo, the EMS (Education Management Software), is an SaaS platform dedicated to teaching and training establishments but also to the institutions managing school networks.

Its goal: to closely adapt to the needs of education and to optimise the operation of schools though all their facets.

world map english
world map english

why choose skolengo
why choose skolengo

Why choose Skolengo?

  • Future-proof modular system,
  • Full web & SaaS platform,
  • Inter-operability and advanced integration with your IS,
  • Data protection,
  • Roaming.

Targeted professional modules from pre-school to higher education


Develop and reinforce the links within your educational community


Reinforce the collaboration between teachers and their pupils/students but also between all members of your educational community


Liven up your teaching activities and provide each student with individual assistance


Provide a tailored follow-up for each learner: management of absences, assessments, student records, punishments/sanctions; internship management, etc.


Design and modify your school’s timetable easily

Administrative & Finance

Provide efficient management of your school and simplify the administrative and financial procedures of the school and families


No more uncounted entries! Gain in efficiency in the management of catering and its billing

Training & Course Choice

Assisting students in building their educational and professional path

skolengo academy resources
skolengo academy resources

Profiled and adapted resources

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