Skolengo for secondary schools

Education Management Software (EMS) or Management Information System (MIS) Skolengo is intended for the whole educational community and to institutions steering school networks. It aims to simplify the overall operations of junior schools or high schools whether in the public, private or agricultural sectors.

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solution SaaS Skolengo
solution SaaS Skolengo

SaaS solution

Ensure teaching and administrative continuity
within your school or remotely

plateforme modulaire skolengo
plateforme modulaire skolengo

Modular platform

Activate only the modules you need

plateforme modulaire skolengo

Primary-Secondary continuity

Offer real digital continuity for students
from primary school to final year high-school 

Targeted professional modules
from pre-school to higher education

plateforme modulaire skolengo


Develop and reinforce the links within your educational community

plateforme modulaire skolengo


Reinforce the collaboration between teachers and their pupils/students but also between all members of your educational community

plateforme modulaire skolengo


Liven up your teaching activities and provide each student with individual assistance

plateforme modulaire skolengo


Provide a tailored follow-up for each learner: management of absences, assessments, student records, discipline, internship management, etc.

plateforme modulaire skolengo


Design and modify your school’s timetable easily

plateforme modulaire skolengo

Administrative & Finance

Provide efficient management of your school and simplify the administrative and financial procedures of the school and families

plateforme modulaire skolengo


No more uncounted entries! Gain in efficiency in the management of catering and its billing

plateforme modulaire skolengo

Training & Course Choice

Assisting students in building their educational and professional path


In 1 click, organize your virtual classes and administrative meetings whether face-to-face and/or remotely

  • Accessible from the organizer and the agenda
  • Authenticated and secure access: with integration to Skolengo, only users and guests can access videoconferences; no external intruder can connect
  • Secure service compliant with GDPR and hosted in Europe.

Discover the Videoconference service

plateforme modulaire skolengo

The security of your data is our priority!

plateforme modulaire skolengo

plateforme modulaire skolengo

ISO 27001 certified datacenter

Teaching and administrative continuity 

With Skolengo, the educational community can find all its work tools in a single solution. As school principal, I am connected throughout the day. I refer to it whether to monitor the teaching or registrations. It is a daily tool that facilitates the different tasks of the educational community.
Christian Ducrocq, Deputy Principal of the International French School in Riyadh

Skolengo adapts to different levels of schooling

How can you equip your junior school or high school with Skolengo?

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