Success story of a change of EMS in record time

Who are they ?

ENT27 is the name of a project initialed by the Eure department council.

Since the beginning of the 2015 school year, the 56 public junior schools of the department were equipped with the Kosmos EMS solution. In total, 90,000 users connect to ENT27 to access the digital services of their school.


Stated needs

The Eure department’s previous solution did not meet the expectations of the users who needed an efficient EMS, meeting the current practices and uses, allowing access to a wide range of services.

The challenge was to very quickly deploy a high quality EMS in 56 junior schools by integrating all of the content of the abandoned software solution. The flexibility of the new tools had to offer the ability for users to pick it up quickly, accompanied by training sessions. The performance of the EMS in terms of stability and response time was one of the challenges of the project.

Lastly, it was expected that the proposed solution would be hosted securely, be able to be upgraded and adaptable and be based on a present, reactive and informative service with consulting, assistance and maintenance.

What made us decide on Kosmos during the call for tenders as opposed to its competitors, was the price, the quality of the solution and its technical and operational coverage.

Sylvie Le Gratiet - Eure department Director of Education

The project

Skolengo was delivered by Kosmos in less than one month and has been deployed all at once with the integration of the contents from the previous EMS solution.

The EMS of the Eure department junior schools offers a range of services covering the schooling (marks, absences, sanctions, etc.), the teaching (Organiser, skills assessments, etc.), multimedia teaching resources, the publishing of courses and shared documents.

It offers collaborative features and Web 2.0-type advanced communication to students and their parents, all account holders: access to the messaging service, portfolio, etc.

Each of the 56 schools in Eure have a public internet portal and a private, secure intranet space for exchanging with the educational community: registration procedures, school canteen, grants, educational actions, etc.

Skolengo has been a breath of fresh air for us. Their L1 support is of very high technical ans human quality. Even the smallest problems are resolved within the day.

Frédéric Hamelin - Life sciences teacher, ENT27 user

The deployment of ENT27 has been a success. We have seen a real increase in use: already 30% of parents and 54% of students use ENT27.
Sylvie Le Gratiet - Eure department Director of Education


100% of junior schools in Eure now have an efficient EMS. Deployed in record time and created in close collaboration with the users and representatives of the institutions, the project has been a success!

The parents and students are naturally enthusiastic about the Skolengo solution thanks to a better user experience.

The high technical and operational quality of the solution and the great assistance from the Kosmos teams has provided the municipalities with a very efficient EMS for the educational community.

Key figures

56 junior schools

90 000 users

30 000 students

80% of users say they are happy with ENT27

Key points

  • Content recovery: recovery and migration of the existing content
  • Rapid deployment: a project completed in only 1 month
  • Training: a tailored training programme provided by Kosmos consultants
  • L1 support: a user assistance service provided by Kosmos professional representatives