Skolengo for professional and continuing education

The Education Management Software (EMS) or EMS Skolengo aims to bring together all players internal and external to the educational organisation around a single tool and to offer a range of services to its users.

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A single platform

Bring the community together around a personalised set of services

Exchanges simplified

Make communicating with your students smoother

Secure registration

Publish your official documents easily:
training certificates, work-study contracts, etc.

Key services for
professional and continuing education

Intranet / EMS

Benefit from all the services of an intranet for communicating and publishing information in a targeted fashion. Offer a better user experience with progressive web applications (PWA or Progressive Web App) via an EMS services portal.

Course catalogue

Benefit from an efficient administration and presentation tool for promoting the course offerings of the school or university

Educational programme

Interactive digital system allowing students to build their individual course programme and to help understanding possible gangways between curricula.


Digital educational counselling assistance tools and professional insertion for promoting the student’s educational programme and the professional pathway.

Apprenticeship booklet

Service providing the monitoring of the progress of the apprentice, dedicated to the learner, the tutor and the apprenticeship master. It allows the skills acquired to be monitored, to consult the educational information, the reports and the evaluations and to access the calendar of the training follow-up meetings.

A timetable accessible everywhere

Learners access their timetable directly on their smartphone! 

  • Access to the timetable everywhere and at any time
  • Update of changes in real-time
  • Notifications possible for informing of changes
  • Progressive web app for a better user experience

Other services are also accessible via your unique account!

Visioconférence Skolengo
Visioconférence Skolengo

Videoconference tool integrated into Skolengo
Visioconférence Skolengo

Visioconférence Skolengo

Administration and finance
Visioconférence Skolengo

Absences, evaluations
Visioconférence Skolengo

Collaborative services

The security of your data is our priority!

Visioconférence Skolengo


Visioconférence Skolengo

ISO 27001 certified datacentre

A single tool for a community of users 

The idea was to offer a coherent whole - a single tool, a single interface - for all persons who access the information system, including external profiles.

Vincent Millet, Information Systems manager for CESI (2014-2020)

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