Video-conferencing: a new service integrated into Skolengo

Published on May 20, 2020 by - Updated on 04 mars 2022 à 16H51

Following the string demand from our clients and users, win just a few weeks, our team have integrated and deployed a new video-conferencing service into Skolengo.

Directly accessible from the digital space, the solution allows you to create a video-conference with just the click of a mouse. This new service is addressed to all school staff since it can be used for both teaching and administrative needs.


The mean features of the Skolengo Visio service

The Visio service contains features based on a video-conferencing tool:

  • A collaborative white board with a pointer,
  • Screen and file sharing (pdf, Power-point, Word, etc.),
  • Requests to speak,
  • Chat,
  • Polling.

The service also incorporated other advanced options:

  • Video sharing,
  • Shared notes

An easy service to set up

To gain access to a video-conference organised in Skolengo, you just have to have an Internet connection to connect to the EMS. Access can be from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

The handling of the video-conference service is very simple and intuitive for presenters as for participants.

For the organiser, they create a vide-oconference by clicking in the organiser or the agenda. No software installation is required as the service is already integrated into Skolengo.
  • For a virtual classroom, the teacher does not need to enter the accounts of the students since all students of the class concerned are automatically recipients of the invitation to the video-conference.
For invited participants, no account creation is needed since they access the video-conference directly during a class in progress (for a virtual classroom) or via their agenda. Invited participants can access the video-conference from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Offer a secure service to staff and students

As the Visio service is integrated into Skolengo, the accesses are authenticated and secure. Only people having a user account and being invited to the video-conference can gain access to it. No outside intruder can connect to it.

The Visio service is hosted in Europe and conforms to the GDPR.
security skolengo
security skolengo

7 good reasons for using the Skolengo Visio service

Whether in the framework of a teaching project (virtual class, oral practice, cultural exchange, etc.) or for organising administrative meetings (class councils, parent-teacher meetings, meetings between staff, etc.), Skolengo’s Visio service guarantees its users, an easy, intuitive and secure method of use.
  1. Integrated into Skolengo
  2. No software to install or account to create
  3. Creation of a video-conference in a few clicks
  4. Secure access
  5. Simple and intuitive
  6. Accessible from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone
  7. The Visio service is hosted in France and conforms to the GDPR

How can you activate the Skolengo Visio service?

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