How can you easily design and modify your timetable with Skolengo?


Published on March 18, 2021 by - Updated on 04 mars 2022 à 16H42

Marguerite Henry, Principal of junior school has adopted the timetable module integrated into Skolengo EMS since the start of the 2020 school year. She tells us about her experience of handling this module and its features offered for efficiently managing a school.

Simple and intuitive familiarization with the Skolengo timetable

The construction of the timetable was easy to do with Skolengo”. After having received a half-day of general training, Marguerite Henry constructed her timetable very quickly.

I was afraid of change but as I entered the data for building the timetable, everything unfolded easily. I was reassured. This timetable is really intuitive and a pleasure to use. Compared to previous years, I saved time in setting it up.

The design of a timetable guided step-by-step 

The Skolengo timetable covers all the needs of a school principal for efficiently managing their school.

Throughout the design of a timetable, the user is guided step-by-step. The flexibility of the module allows the school principal to adapt to the specificities of their school (group management, class and teacher unavailabilities, etc.) To facilitate the design, it proposes dashboards providing an overall view of the courses positioned and those still to be positioned. This feature often helps in making decisions for the final positionings of courses or teachers.

Emploi du temps Skolengo
Emploi du temps Skolengo

I mainly use manual positioning. I create all my courses and I then try to position them manually. It is really easy to do and to visualize. You enter all a teacher’s courses and everything is automatically positioned in the timetable. When I use automatic positioning, I sometimes end up with conflicts. I then reposition some courses manually to resolve the conflict. This solution is easy to access and you don’t have to be a computer genius to use it.

You can easily design your timetable step-by-step and update it throughout the year!

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A timetable solution that is flexible daily

absence -emploi du temps Skolengo
absence -emploi du temps Skolengo

The timetable solution can be consulted every day by the school principal but also by the deputy principal. It provides much information that is essential for managing, such as the availability of a teacher, or the class and the time where the teacher or a student will be, etc.

As school principal,

I am very satisfied with the features of the Skolengo timetable. It is a real asset for this timetable solution to offer imports and exports that can be done easily and quickly without bugs.

Mrs. Hemery, the Deputy Principal of the school, also uses the timetable every day in particular for learning about absences and possible changes to the timetable.

As the timetable is integrated into the Skolengo EMS, I don’t need to add new information into the organizer or the attendance registers, they are automatically transferred in the EMS, thus facilitating the synergies between the different Skolengo services.