[News] Displaying student rankings

Published on October 22, 2021 by Clémentine - Updated on 28 février 2022 à 16H50

Skolengo allows schools to ensure that class councils function smoothly. It is now possible in the Skolengo DSE/EMS to display the ranking of each student in the class council hosting screens and in the results summary tables (PDF or Excel).

This new option allows schools that so wish, to display the ranking of students within their class, per subject and for each desired period (for example, per quarter).

Rang des élèves affiché par matières
Rang des élèves affiché par matières

Display of student rankings on the marks record according to subject

If two students have an identical average, they have the same ranking and the following ranking is not displayed. E.g. if two students have ranking 8, the following student is not positioned on ranking 9, but on ranking 10.

How does this new feature work?

The school is free whether or not to display the student rankings. The feature can be activated by ticking “Visible” on the “Student ranking” line when modifying the settings for the class council (in “Administration > Assessments > Class councils”).

And think about if it is a 100% remote class council or only with a few people remote. The videoconference service allows you to easily create and host a class council under any circumstances.