MIS: who are the 5 million users of Skolengo?

Published on July 28, 2020

More than 5 million users use Skolengo daily, a solution from the Nantes company, Kosmos. These users evolve within more than 3600 schools and universities across 70 countries. They come from all sectors of teaching and all levels combined.

Who is Skolengo’s public?

Skolengo is a software solution for education. It is a platform that can be accessed in SaaS mode and offers a set of professional modules (communication, teaching, schooling, management and administration and training and administration) to assist the educational community in their daily missions. Skolengo opens the way to digitizing places of learning in all their diversity:

  • This solution is dedicated to all sectors of teaching: public, private, agricultural, technical and professional.
  • The platform adapts to all levels of education: primary, secondary higher, vocational training and continuing education.
  • The solution being multi-lingual, its is addressed to schools and universities in France and abroad

Skolengo is deployed in more than 70 countries


Déploiement des ENT Skolengo en 2020
Déploiement des ENT Skolengo en 2020

In France, Skolengo is deployed in 4 regions, 47 departments and 16 Regional Education Authorities. These projects are borne by the municipalities and academic authorities and come from public call for tenders won by the Kosmos company via the Skolengo solution.
Currently, 13 EMS projects use Skolengo under a specific name (Éclat-BFC for primary schools, junior schools and high schools in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté or mon ENT Occitanie for junior schools and high schools in the Occitanie Region for example), chosen by the municipalities and the academic authorities of the territory concerned (see map opposite).

In addition, 160 junior schools and high schools have also made the choice of adopting the Skolengo solution autonomously.

Abroad, Skolengo is present in about 100 French schools belonging to the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Étranger (AEFE) and the Mission Laïque Française (MLF) but also in international higher education schools like the ITSW in Poland.

The solution is deployed across more than 70 countries.

Déploiement des ENT Skolengo en 2020


Skolengo Academy: a website reserved for users of Skolengo

Déploiement des ENT Skolengo en 2020

Skolengo Academy is a platform of content and multimedia resources created by and for Skolengo users. Thanks to the diversity of its users (management staff, administrative and financial, administrators, schooling staff, teachers, families, etc.), the Skolengo Academy community offers a rich environment of sharing of multiple resources and usages. This multitude of contents and videos helps the educational community to start using Skolengo but also how to get the most from it.

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