5 key steps for holding class councils with Skolengo

Published on November 9, 2020 by - Updated on 04 mars 2022 à 14H57

Skolengo allows schools to ensure that class councils function smoothly.

The class council is an important element in the life of the school since it marks the end of a period during the school year. It involves all the participants in the school. For class councils to function simply and efficiently, check out the dedicated guides and resources (webinar, tutorials, infographics, etc.) on Skolengo Academy, accessible from Skolengo in connected mode.

Below, you can see the computer graphic showing the 5 steps for organizing your class councils with Skolengo.

[Graphics] 5 steps for organizing class councils in the Skolengo EMS

5 key steps to holding class councils skolengo
5 key steps to holding class councils skolengo